Experienced costume designer, wardrobe supervisor, costume assistant, and makeup artist for independent feature films, television, commercial, music video, corporate, and theatrical productions. Expertise in design, sourcing, on-set wardrobe supervision, touch-ups, and continuity.
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PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Member of IATSE Local 764 NBC / Universal Entertainment / Black Onyx Event Services / Feld Ent / Vee Corp Costume Specialist / Wardrobe Asst. / Stagehand 2007 - Present - Assisting in fittings for performers, observing shows for costume appearance, & relaying…
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I offer Costume Design and Wardrobe Consulting Services for film makers seeking to establish a pre production wardrobe budget and costume design outline. I have been an A List Seamstress for touring concert performance artists since 2011 and was featured in Beyonce's BTS Video on her Formation…
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As an accomplished Wardobe Stylist/Costume Designer with 14 years experience in the corporate arena, I was extremely enthusiastic to discover the open Fashion Photo Stylist position. I have been following your organization for many years and find it very impressive that you manage to stay…
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Costume designer, seamstress, stylist, and dresser. BFA in fashion design with film, theme park, live events experience. Resume/credits available upon request.
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I am a Florida based professional in the fashion styling & creative strategies field. After working for a year in the Paris fashion industry, I moved to Florida to pursue freelance work and larger projects. My specialization is in editorial fashion, but I have styled…
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Wardrobe Stylist, Designer, & Seamstress for Fashion Editorials & Commercial Print, TV, & Film: On set, I have had experience in just about every wardrobe position! I am comfortable doing alterations as needed, and always keep my eyes glued on talent to make sure they look perfect. I love…
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The creative team at Winfield Murdock Creative Works Inc. LLC gives our clients exactly what they desire, be it Casino, Cruise, Parks, or Corporate. We work closely with our clients to make sure that our packages are tooled to their venue, budget, and demographic. Our shows are created so that all…
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Wardrobe Stylist-Selecting clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and any public appearances made by celebrities, and models. My work entails Getting work! As well as, steaming, shopping, returning, and e-mailing. I am diligent and…
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I'm open to learn it all. My favorite skill is in special effect make-up. I can do acting, costuming, and the whole thing. But really being so young I'm a blank pallet to learn it all.
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vintage clothing, costumes and accessories for wardrobe services ~ Victorian to Modern
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Born in Key West, Fl, I moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail University. I just graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Science. I have done some outside projects as well as in school, as the Art Director, Wardrobe Stylist, and Costume Designer.
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A recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Film and Television, and current Production Assistant in television show productions in the Atlanta area. In my spare time, I write, shoot, and direct my own documentaries. I film on a Canon and GoPro, and edit on…
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Costumer and makeup artist looking for a creative outlet.
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Professional Costume Designer with 38 years of experience. Now enjoying retirement. No longer interested in producing or designing.
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A recent graduate of the University of Central Florida, with a B.A. in Communications/Letters and Modern Languages, as well as a minor in Film. Looking for production assisting as well as wardrobe/costume/styling work.
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A professional and motivated Wardrobe stylist/costume designer. I have experience in costuming, wardrobe styling for major productions and styled for local celebrities such as the NBA players from the Orlando Magic.
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BFA in Costume Technology, with post-grad work. Union477. Skills: fittings, alterations, puppets, masks, flat/computer pattern-making, tailoring, hats, corsets, upholstery, curtains, purchasing, scenic soft goods, etc. Great kit, includes sewing machine, serger, racks and steamers! A stylist /…
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I am a trained costume and fashion designer. I can design and construct any clothes and handle all types of alterations. I have been sewing for 26 years. I worked with company in peru with alpaca, in brasil, and u.s.a. with Miami City Ballet and also I have my online clothes.
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Providing wardrobe as found at Saks Fifth Avenue. Men and Ladies, head to toe for casual, resort, business or formal.
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Screenwriter and Costume Designer. Experienced professional costume designer specializing in period research and construction; former proprietor of Designs by Doogie manufacturing "western shirts and other wears." Experienced and produced playwright turned screenwriter. CURRENT administrator…
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