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Michael Ryan Wilson

Beverly Hills, California

Hi! My name is Michael Ryan Wilson, but you can call me Mike. I am an award winning director, dp and editor based in Los Angeles. Just to give you a little backstory about who I am. I was born in the small town in New England; and with a small town comes boredom. As a kid, my father sensed this…
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Ross Thomas

San Francisco, California

I’m a director based in California. I’ve shot and written short docs, short films, music videos and commercials.
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Gabe Davis

Los Angeles, California

Gabe Davis is an award-winning director, cinematographer and producer, with client work including films for Timberland, Bose, Saucony, Tufts Medical Center, ROW NYC, Financial Force, MIT, Audi, Boston Children's Hospital and Best Buddies International. Local markets include Boston, New York…
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Steve Balderson

Los Angeles, California

Roger Ebert gave Steve’s film, FIRECRACKER, starring Karen Black and Mike Patton, a Special Jury Award on his annual Best Films of the Year list. His first film PEP SQUAD premiered at Cannes at Le Marché du Film and became a 90s cult classic; and his film WATCH OUT was praised by critics as “One…
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San Francisco, California

Authors is a film production company creating creating commercials, music videos, short films, live-generative motion graphics, digital content and art installations. Our founding philosophy emphasizes operating transparency, supporting the open-source filmmaking community, but most of all, making…
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Andrew Nelson

Los Angeles, California

Views: 307

Yaaz Acar

Los Angeles, California

Views: 65

Drew Hall

Hollywood, California

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Brett G Walker

Long Beach, California

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Stephen French

Los Angeles, California

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Ryan Peters Castañeda

San Francisco, California

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Deborah Attoinese

Los Angeles, California

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Marques T. Owens (MOTIMEDIA / Mosaic7 Pictures)

Los Angeles, California

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Frank V V Boss Jr

Chula Vista, California

Views: 114

Jose Zambrano Cassella

Los Angeles, California

Views: 28

Jeff Speetjens

Los Angeles, California

Views: 218

Austin Anderson

Los Angeles, California

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Mitchell Klebanoff

Los Angeles, California

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Dillon Mercure

Long Beach, California

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Alicia M.Gaspar

North Hollywood, California

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Brad Havens

Los Angeles, California

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Bobby Huerta

San Francisco, California

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Mario Aguja

Los Angeles, California

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Jennifer Sparkman

Burbank, California

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Tim Owens

Los Angeles, California

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Matt Farnsworth

Hollywood, California

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