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RYAN DUMVILLE • CAMERAMAN, DENVER, COLORADO I'm based in Denver, Colorado but I commonly shoot throughout the West. I'm a road warrior and I'm willing to travel for your shoot.. My top clients include: The Golf Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, NBC News, FOX News, HGTV as well as…
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DP/Operator (Alexa, Amira, Red, C300, 1DC, Varicam) and Director based in Denver, CO. In my years in the industry I have learned how to mix creativity with craftsmanship. Whether I am shooting an NFL game or a corporate event, I understand that there is a story that dictates the process in which I…
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From 1985 to present I have worked as a Producer, Director, DP/Cameraman doing business as Sam Allen Productions in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1985, Sam Allen Productions is an independent production company involved in the production of programming, features, television commercials, news…
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25 years experience. IATSE Local 600. Feature films; commercials; corporate; documentaries. Tellys; Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award; Houston Film Festival Bronze Remi Award. Camera Operator credits include: “Laramie Project”; “Dennis The Menace”; “Rookie of the Year”; “Groundhog…
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Graduate out of UCD Specialize in: -SteadiCam -Jib -DP work with Canon Cameras (tape, Digital HD, and dSLR) -Graphic work (After Effects, Cinema 4D)
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Strong knowledge in TV Production, A bachelor of Journalism - Broadcast Production from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I have experience in pre and post production along with live broadcasts.
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I am a 24 year old videographer with a bachelor's in digital filmmaking and video production. I currently do freelance videography and photography. I have interned at a multimedia production studio, as well as worked on television and motion picture sets as a production assistant. I would like to…
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Creative, innovative, self-directed individual seeking new career opportunity.
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film and video cameraman
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I am a video production student at Colorado State University, and I am incredible passionate about video production. My experiences include studio production (Fox Sports Midwest), live broadcasting for sports venues, and my own behind-the-scenes sports television series.
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