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J.J. Starr is a digital media producer, journalist, and award-winning documentary filmmaker from Chicago. Starr has produced 70+ digital videos, documentaries, and web-based commercials spanning five continents. Currently, his first feature-length documentary, "The Dust on Our Feet", can be seen…
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Dara Sanandaji is an independent filmmaker who specializes in documentary-style storytelling, writing, and video editing. He has both levels of certification for Apple's Final Cut Pro X video editing software and is an independent freelancer for video editing projects. He works through his own…
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My name is Mark Anthony Besozzi. I have experience in media production, broadcast media, visual communications, motion pictures and film. The years of hands-on training, employment, college courses and self-study, has made me very well versed in digital video and television production,…
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Producer, Co-Producer, Associate Producer & Line Producer/UPM on indie features that have received distribution. Experience with Movie magic Scheduling and budgeting industry software from script breakdown thru post-production,I am Always looking to help produce an indie film, Documentary, Behind…
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I am a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Cinema Arts & Science. I specialize in Assistant Directing and Producing. I also have extensive experience directing and shooting video, as well as familiarity with production design, lighting, and audio.
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A storyteller at heart, I specialize in corporate, marketing and advertising videos. Producer, cinematographer, editor...I do it all. In this digital revolution, we are living in clients want more for less. This has kept me hungry for learning new software and techniques. I push myself to…
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I am a freelance producer and screenwriter with experience in a variety of on and off set responsibilities. Most recently, I was co-writer and producer on the feature film "NightLights" and have jumped on board as Executive Producer for "Chrysalis," slated for production in Chicago and Gary,…
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Skilled at writing and editing scenes, treatments, and scripts. Proficient in film and sound editing. Experienced as a set hand on various different film shoots ranging from student short films to feature films. Knowledge of various types of production equipment within industry standards. Well…
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I thrive in a fast-paced environment where production deadlines are a priority, and handling and editing multiple jobs simultaneously is the norm. Presently I am a production assistant on the Judge Mathis Show and I also have three plus years of production and editing experience. I have been…
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Former Oprah Show producer with 15+ years network TV experience who GETS IT DONE. On time. On budget. No drama. I currently run my own video production company in Chicago and (to borrow from cheesy car commercials) I don't believe in meeting expectations, I believe in blowing them out of the…
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My name is Cole Messutta and I’m a Columbia College Alumni. My last semester at Columbia was May 2010. My major was film and video with a concentration in directing. I have always enjoyed breaking down films after I have seen one. To me it’s like a tradition. Ever since my first semester at…
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Proven production and coordination skills working as the associate producer or producer on various short and feature films. Piece together all cast, crew, locations, and other logistical needs ranging from catering to equipment and even travel. Basically working as the glue of the productions I…
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Xanthe Films is a rapidly growing independent production company that develops and produces high quality and commercially viable projects for film, television, the internet and DVD. Founded by Executive Producer Edwin Colon in 2006, Xanthe Films is in the process of putting financing deals…
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BIRD'S-EYE MEDIA, INC. is an Illinois-based full service production and post-production company specializing in video, motion picture, television and radio.
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Todd Looby, Founder of Obrigado Production is an award-winning filmmaker. In early 2011, Todd's Liberia, West African short film, "Son of None" beat over 3,000 films to win a Special Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival. "LEFTY", Todd's previous film, a narrative feature, was named one of…
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Freelance Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, Production Consultant, Photographer with expertise in budgeting, scheduling, hiring of cast and crew, vendor relations.
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Graduate with a degree in Radio-Television-Film and a Business certificate, seeking production work in the Greater Chicago Area.
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Cool, calm, and collected. Experience with all aspects of production, including camera, grip, management, and post. Have spent the last few years in field or office coordinator positions. Great at organization, communication, and keeping head above water during any number of crises. Skilled…
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Producer/Creative Project Manager with over fifteen years’ experience in creative management and execution of media projects. Optimized a merger of business management skills combined with proven creative abilities, to produce award-winning work on time, on budget with superior results.
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Director & Producer A native of Chicago, Jeff Marpe started his career as a producer / cinematographer in the early 1990’s. His passion for story telling soon took over, Jeff began his quest by directing documentaries then shortly thereafter he moved to directing commercials and music videos.…
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I am an Independent Director and Producer in the Chicago area. My background includes video production for education, live events and several short films.
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Established feature film writer/ producer/ director based in Chicago, IL. Website all all the details on my work.
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Documentary producer and writer of "Ferocious Drummers" a film on the lives of the most influential and legendary drummers ever. We explore just who the real leader of the band has always been--the Drummer. Controversial with a pulse, Ferocious Drummers is the first film ever on drummers.
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Shot Cut Productions has completed it's first full length feature film. Having shot 90% of the film in Lake County, IL.
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Ashley August is a filmmaker with a knack for creative problem-solving and attention to efficiency. She approaches communication and troubleshooting like an art, her passion and energy often driving other people to success. Ashley is proficient in both EP Budgeting and Scheduling and has experience…
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