I am a huge fan of cinema... seriously, huge fan. Since I was 12 years old I wrote, directed, acted, shot and edited my short films. Twas the beginning of my journey learning the skills I use today as a Producer. Building on those skills and with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I expanded and…
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believer. follower. filmmaker. 2002 BFA from North Carolina School of the Arts - School of Filmmaking, emphasis in Producing
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Myron Nash is a motion picture and television professional with 300+ hours of program credits--from "Falcon Crest" to "According to Jim". In addition to being an experienced producer, associate producer and content creator, Myron has also been a director of marketing and PR for several media-based…
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Producer + Art Director with 20 years of industry experience. Services include: - Hiring Crew - Casting - Locations - Permits - Studio rental - Accommodations - Transportation + car service - Catering + craft services - Equipment rental - Motor homes + production trailers - Props +…
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Hello, My name is Andrew Scudder. I'm a native Tennessean and have worked in the Industry for about 4 years. I currently Work Freelance jobs, but have many ties to big production houses Across the globe. I can make your job happen smoothly and professionally.
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I recently sold my production company and I am now looking for new challenging opportunities. My specialties are leading production teams, producing, directing, and editing.
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I've been working in production in the South Florida area for 2 years and just recently relocated to Nashville, TN. Looking for production freelance work, preferably in the camera department. Ranging knowledge in video productions from inception to completion. Outstanding skills to organize and…
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Professional films and videos that only major motion picture companies can produce are a thing of the past. An eye catching, comprehensive, multi-use interactive CD-Rom project is no longer just an option big budgets can afford. CCFilmsInc., is a video & television production company based in…
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I am a filmmaker with a Bachelor degree in Social Communication specialized in Audio Visual from Pontifical Xaverian University (Ranked Top 400th in the World, Top 20 in Latin-America). I have two years experience in TV production and editing, I also made two Short Film as a director and actress.…
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I am an aspiring director/producer. I am currently attending the Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville and majoring in film production.
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Writer/Producer, Director -- documentaries, short & long form, episodic television & reality series.
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I am a Director and Producer based out of Nashville, TN. I run Crazy In A Box FIlms and primarily focus on narrative feature films, as well as shorts, music videos, commercials, etc. I have featured projects in multiple film festivals including the New York City Independent Film Festival and the…
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