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Yes, we are Atlanta's go-to-guys, and proud of it! We are the Ad Agencies’ Best Kept Secret, small-to-medium size businesses' best friend, and other production companies’ silent partner. This thing is an art, and we are true artists. Your project... is our next masterpiece! 5D, C300, FS7, RED…
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Atlanta Area Film & Television Studio Stage 1: Soundstage 63’ x 49’ (3,087 sq ft) 45’ x 30’ (1,350 sq ft) Pre-lit White or Green Hard Cyc Wall 15’ to Grid, Soundproof, Up to 1000 Amps Multi Camera Control Room - Tricaster Switcher Additional Facility Amenities: 12,000+ sq ft Flex Space,…
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Guaranteed excellence and client satisfaction or your money back. Clients, over our nearly 20 yrs, have included Claritin, Universal, Honey Ham, AT&T, NFL Network, FX, Golf Channel, Weather Channel and many more. With Full Crew and One Man Band staffing available, we can handle any and all…
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We Specialize in EPK Behind the Scenes productions on Movies and Television shows. We also do full service productions from concept to completion. We only hire the most qualified and experienced production staff. We are also a signatory company affiliated with Local 600 Camera Union and Local 479.…
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Inertia Films: Shooting for Passion. Inertia Films is an Atlanta-based, full service video production company with over 19 years of experience shooting/producing both broadcast and corporate projects. Our headquarters are located in Downtown Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward, just two miles…
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Sunshine Garden Industries is an independent creative content studio that oversees businesses in traditional & digital entertainment, book & magazine publishing, and branding & merchandising. Sunshine Garden will operate three core business units of the company: STUDIO ENTERTAINMENT (Sunshine…
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ABOUT US: FilmTribe is an Atlanta-based multimedia, creative film production and post/VFX company, with offices in LA, Charlotte, Barcelona, and Madrid. We are a great little department store — you can one-stop-shop for a bunch of big things. Live Action. Full Post Production. Superior VFX. …
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Kiss The Limit Productions Inc. (KLP) is a Georgia Corporation that was established in Atlanta in 2005 that provides film and multi-media production services. KLP’s mission is to create compelling stories that transform people’s lives. Whether producing an independent feature or documentary film,…
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Our Team have worked on various popular webseries, videos, documentaries and a current film project. Our team is capable of producing your vision and bringing it to life whether it is on the big screen or on the web. Our Team will collaborate in the production of ALL YOUR filming and video…
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We are a full-service high-definition production company. The owner is an award-winning Writer, Director and Editor with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of video and film production and with more than 50 credits on the Internet Movie Database. "From Script to Screen, We Tell…
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Craig Miller has been producing film and video in the Atlanta area for nearly 30 years. Craig Miller Productions is a full service film, video, and event production company versed in broadcast, corporate productions, and live events. Since 1985 we have provided a diverse group of national,…
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ClockStop Entertainment is a MetaMedia Studio© , intersecting Media and Technology, with a deep portfolio of intellectual properties adapted for Production and Licensing in Film, Publishing, Web, Mobile and Merchandising. We have branches in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.
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Freelance Videographers. Between my brother and I, we can brainstorm, advertise, produce, film, edit, and launch any video for your event, business, or wedding.
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Line Production USA is a line production company based in Savannah, GA , that provides film & photography production services in USA . We're known with our Line Producers for resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. Our services range from acting as your…
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ClearHouse Is A Multi-Faceted Production Company Specializing In Helping Businesses, Individuals, And Artists Produce Their Projects Through A Vast Network Of Qualified Service Providers . Based Out Of Atlanta, Georgia, We Serve A Diverse Group Of Clientele That Includes Independent Film Directors,…
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Born in late 2010, Wild Hundreds focuses on creating intelligent films that require the audience to think, but not so much so that they will not be thoroughly entertained. Whether Wild Hundreds produces a film for a broad audience or one specifically targeted for an under-served segment, the…
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Sound Mixer in Atlanta, Fully Equipped for Video / TV Commercials and Film, ( Fuse Network, Popped 2012, TV Commercials, Video Production )Day Rates Start at 550, Includes Basic Kit / Double System, Wireless and TC
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Rannug, Inc. is a small digital film and commercial production company based in Atlanta, Ga. specializing in Red camera technology and workflow.
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Just your run-of-the mill, hardworking, talented bunch of knuckle-heads who have fun, and like to be paid for it! Seriously, we do all the same stuff...only a little better. We also have makeup in-house, Pro wrting and blogging. (We have books in the shelves of major book stores.) Have a ton of…
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the staff of Emmy Award winning writers at can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. extensive backgrounds in broadcast television, radio, and print. In-house production capabilities for high-end film and video projects, graphics, animation, and print ensure quality control from start to…
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Burnin' metropolis films has produced two award winning projects. Lost in the rubble- a feature length documentary. And every scar and dimple, a feature length narrative. We are currently in pre-production for, eternal, a web-series.
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2bfilms Productions was founded in 2001 by John Kennedy McCray and Monzell Dunlap as a collaborative creative initiative to advance, develop and promote independent films and screenplays that celebrate the human spirit, broaden our perspectives, engage positive resolve and progressively further…
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Where production comes to life. We provide all you need for production crew, cast, set security. We do film, video, commercials, demo reels, photography, if you need anything involving a camera contact us today.
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A comprehensive film production house pushing the boundries of filmmaking both artistically and commercially.
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RESA MITCHELL FILMS, located in Griffin, Georgia specializing in producing Christian Films that inspire and motivate change. For more information about our staff, services, or work, please contact us for further assistance at 678-362-4499. Stay tune for our upcoming features.
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