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Yes, we are Seattle's go-to-guys, and proud of it! We are the Ad Agencies’ Best Kept Secret, small-to-medium size businesses’ best friend, and other production companies’ silent partner. This thing is an art, and we are true artists. Your project... is our next masterpiece! 5D, C300, FS7, RED…
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SEATTLE BASED PRODUCTION COMPANY - Corporate, Creative, Commercial, Full Crews, Interviews, FAA Certified Aerial Video, 360 Production, Agencies Love us, Flexible and Nimble - Clients - Yahoo inc., Comcast, Microsoft, Tough Mudder, T-Mobile & more. Our creative team is what makes us stand apart.…
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White Rain Films is an innovative, forward-thinking film and HD video production company. Projects range from Green Energy to High Tech to Travel.
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Hand Crank Films is named after the Bell & Howell 70 hand crank film camera that was used to shoot our initial :30 television spots in the summer of 2005. Since that first summer, we’ve grown to produce one feature film, over 100 commercials, 40 corporate videos, and a documentary which was…
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We are a film & Video production company. We offer many different services from Short & feature film Production to Music video's & Wedding videos. We have a full assortment of Air Soft weapons for action films.
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Fireshoe Productions is a feature film and full-service media production company. We are a team of producers, directors, writers, editors, cinematographers, animators, effects artists, musicians, visionaries and professionals committed to creating high quality, innovative projects. OUR…
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US/UK production company. Silly Boys Films is a US/UK production company begun out of a desire to see more women in front of and behind the camera. We strive to create female-driven stories that step away from cliche, challenge genre norms and established tropes, whilst appealing to a broad…
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ShadowCatcher Entertainment is an independent production company that develops, produces and distributes character-driven feature films, documentaries, books, graphic novels, plays, and television network/cable programming for worldwide entertainment markets. Based in Seattle, the Company…
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MagicHour, the time just before sunrise or just after sunset when the lighting is always perfect. Ask anyone in show business. If you want your film to turn out spectacular, then shoot it at MagicHour.
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