Conveniently located in Gravesend, Brooklyn, just minutes from New York City, EdgeSounds Studios offer a variety of music services ranging from sound recording and voice-over, to original music production, music arrangement and full studio services. EdgeSounds Studios' experienced staff of music…
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Morningside Translations provides Language Translation, Interpretation, Multilingual Audio-Visual Localizing, Dubbing, Subtitling, Voiceover Transcription, plus Multilingual Website Translation services. Headquartered in New York City, Morningside Translations specializes in quality multilingual…
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Park Media Services is a division of Park Translations International, one of the fastest growing translation and interpretation service providers in the world. Park Media provides dubbing, subtitling, voiceover, translation and transcription services to companies all over the world. With our…
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Being called "The Ultimate European Voice"... is quite a statement; others say it makes total sense. No matter where you stand, I'm often cast as the "Euro Guy". Why? The voice-over market is truly global, and producers are increasingly looking for fresh professional voices that are neither…
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The full-service, in-house multimedia localization and translation agency for voice-over, subtitling and desktop publishing services, serving New York City and beyond. We perform and monitor all aspects of your multimedia localization project in-house. As a professional translation service and…
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Audioworks is an audio post-production house specialized in voice over work for animation and audio tours. We also do sound design and compose music, so we can fulfill all your audio needs.
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We are a unique localisation agency that provides accurate, precise localisation at an affordable price; without all the hassles. Specializing in dubbing for documentary film,video and television content. Some of the languages localised by us: Film dubbing/ voice-over into below…
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Writer and translator, Michael Katims has subtitled and dubbed (adaptation, casting, artistic director) scores of films over the last twenty years. Based in Paris, France, Michael will be relocating to the New York area in September 2010 and seeks new projects. See writing credits on IMDB or email…
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Translations, voice-over productions, subtitling - ALL LANGUAGES DIGITAL RECORDING STUDIO : In-house audio recording using state-of-the-art equipment, including PRO TOOLS for fast computerized dubbing, editing and mixing. Lip sync dubbing or "U.N. style" voiceovers. SUBTITLES : For corporate…
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Civisa Media is devoted to the rendering of audiovisual and production development services. Capabilities include production facilitation and management, language localization through Neutral Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese translations, dubbing & subtitling, M&E recreation, Linear & non-linear off…
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Services: Translation, transcription of A-V materials, foreign language voice-overs and production of multilingual CD-ROMs, DVDs in 6800 languages in Florida, New York and all over the U.S. Translation / Transcription: We transcribe and translate audio and video in analog and digital formats…
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En Vivo Live Media provides quality multi-language dubbing, subtitling, closed captioning, translation and transcription services in over 70 different languages. We specialize in adapting scripts into other languages to bring out their true meaning in the next phase. We also translate legal,…
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I am a bi-lingual English and Mandarin voice-over Talent, a native Beijinger and New Yorker by nature. I am fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. My experience includes being interviewed by BBC "Discover" channel regarding the 9/11 tragedy. Due to the successful interview, I was also interviewed…
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Specialize in closed captions, subtitles, transcription, language translation, language dubbing, encoding, digitizing, conversions, and duplication services for broadcast, DVD-BluRay and Online.
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B.A. in Business administration from Saint Joseph University Native Chinese Mandarin speaker with Interpreter Certification 7 years of experience in retail business enviroment
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Journalist focused in television and international affairs. Eight years ́experience as a journalist in Spanish public television (TVE), UNESCO and corporate communication. Fluent in Spanish and intermediate level in English. Digital edition (Avid, Premiere, Final Cut).
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Sophie Song
New York City, New York
I am an editor and translator for a business newspaper, specializing in Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations.
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I am an efficient communicator and easily relatable to a wide range of people. I also enjoy solving conflicts and coming up with alternative solutions in a timely manner.
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Video Editing, Subtitling, Voice Overs
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chinese-american, veteran linguist
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