My name is Sean Medley, and I hold a BS Degree in Digital Animation. I am currently working remotely from St. Louis, for a small town cable station in the Southwest, doing Graphic Design and Animation projects for various shows and billboards. I am hard working, dependable, and have excellent…
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Broad experience as a creative professional with a proven ability to develop, direct and execute successful and innovative marketing campaigns for high-profile brands.
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I am Tyson S. Jones and I am equipped with over 15 years experience in graphic design, digital video and new media. I have spent the past seven years working for well-known Photography, Printing and Publishing Company in Northeast Florida. I have a strong foundation in both traditional and…
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ELIZABETH A. CANNON SUMMARY Graphic Designer with expertise in development of specialized programs and documentation for various learning, communications, change, and transformation projects. Over 23 years experience in corporate business training, development, and graphic design including web…
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I am a 3D animator by trade but love anything to do with digital art. I dabble in just about everything that has to do with the Adobe Creative Suite. I love after effects, and premiere. I also love photoshop, illustrator, and indesign.
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My name is Julie Park and I am in my senior year at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in communication design, with a minor focus in children’s studies. My studies in design, art, and children’s issues have allowed me to reinforce my passion for creativity, curiosity, and interactive…
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I am currently a Freelance Motion Artist, sometimes I feel like I am a CEO CNO HBO, and UFO trying to keep a steady line between that, and being an artist. I have worked in the Advertising industry, as well as the Entertainment Industry for over 7 years now. I have had jobs range from rap videos,…
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Media Arts and Animation Technical Skills * Microsoft Office * Adobe Premiere * Final Cut Pro * Adobe Audition * Adobe Soundbooth * Adobe Photoshop * Adobe Illustrator * Adobe Aftereffects * Autodesk 3DS Max
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I graduated in 2010 with a BFA in animation at Missouri State University. I have always favored traditional hand drawn animation and in my free time constantly draw comics. Obsessively so. Since comics and animation share very similar techniques...I guess it was only natural to choose animation…
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A graphic design student with an associates degree in graphic design finishing my BFA in graphic design from Savannah College of Art and Design.
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Illustrator/Artist - My works been seen on ESPN, ESPN2, DiY Network, NBC News and in various magazine & book publications, including a publication of Better Homes & Garden magazine. I'm experience in retouching photos, retouching videos, editing footage, illustration, graphic design, creating…
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I am a recent college graduate. I majored in Graphic Design. I am knowledgeable in the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft office.
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Graphic Designer/ Art Director
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Videography - Graphic Design - Web - Photography
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I am a filmmaker, animator, and artist seeking employment in the area of filmmaking. I produce good work, and I am proficient in software such as FCP7 and Adobe Creative Suite CS5. I am highly efficient in all that I do, and I am more than happy to work for you!
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No description
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Freelance Animation Artist
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I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the University of North Texas, where my thesis focus was on the Categorization of 3D and graphic elements for TV and Film. I also have a Bachelors In Fine Arts from Missouri Southern State College where I focused on Print Graphic Design and…
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