Your product – whether it’s a movie, a theme park, or a good cause — deserves to be seen, heard, and understood. At Toy Box, we do whatever it takes to get that message out. We’re constantly exploring new ways to reach your audience through a diverse range of creative and strategic solutions…
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A-Max Motion Capture represents the top mocap talent in the business with a wide range of skills. Our actors all have mo cap experience and range from- Actors, VO actors, stunt talent, athletes, dancers, military, weapons experts, wire work, gymnast, and speciality talent.
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A production house with offices in Venice, CA, Boulder, CO and Jackson, WY, Stept handles video projects from pre-pro to final product and also provides freelance service as director, DP, camera op, grip, editer, colorist etc. We specializes in skiing follow-cam and can handle any on-snow project,…
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