The circle inside our logo contains the 4 areas of our purpose. "Our mission is to produce motion pictures, merchandise, and technology that educate game changers." MOTION PICTURES We define motion pictures as any combinations of pictures that move. This would include feature films,…
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ABOUT US Who are we? Scratch Media Video Services is a subdivision of Scratch Media Arts, a Chicago-based LLC, formed in 2001 to present entertaining and educational media on progressive topics for both stage and screen. What do we do? Our specialty is: Promotional online…
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UnRated Flair Magazine features new products and trends in the auto and fashion industry. We feature video and written reviews for industry insiders and enthusiasts of the best products hitting the market with our hot Correspondents and exclusive demos!
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IFB Design is a full service design, and internet marketing firm that provides: web design, graphic design, seo, and video production.
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Joone Studios is a Chicago video production company that creates high quality business and corporate films. These creative video productions compel web visitors to take action.
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Professional in the field of media. Dedicated to providing client services, social media assistance, graphic design, editing, video preparation, and animation to companies. Holds current and previous experience in multidisciplinary environments with strong interpersonal and communication abilities
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RPM Visual Media is a full service video production company specializing in web, online, and corporate video. We do digital video management, hosting, distribution, editing, reporting, and marketing.
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On time. On budget. And of the highest quality. With Fokus Firm, this is our promise to you. Our fokus is you. We can enhance the value of your business with our multi-faceted menu of creative services including consulting; branding; traditional media, social media, and promotion planning;…
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Providing Digital and Social Media solutions. We help you understand the impact that social media is having on your business and work with you to implement the changes that need to be made as a result. We develop overall social media strategies, provide training, help specify and recruit for…
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RAVAGE MEDIA is a Chicago based production company creating compelling and innovative entertainment content for studios, corporations and independent filmmakers. Ravage works with top-notch producers, directors, camera/crew, and editors to deliver quality productions on time and within budget.
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BSCEENE is a Chicago-based company that develops online and offline platforms that allow for *Talent to develop, find opportunities, and be seen in the world of entertainment and media. It's not who you know, it's who knows you, is the slogan and principle the Company embraces. Isolated. Unseen.…
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The 80s’ Baby Network specializes in nothing but top quality media production and graphic designs. Video Production Services Videography Production Assistance Video/Photo Editing TV/Online Broadcasting (Ask me about training) Film Treatments Graphic Design Logo Design Marketing &…
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Light of Day Media is an animation and motion graghics company focused on design and content support.
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We provide a wide variety of post production audio solutions. Currently we have gained recognition with our superb work on government . We also have done an extensive amount of audio for television commercials. Let us provide you with ''sound'' audio.
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We produce and distribute original web series and book series with an edge. Our goal is to provide original, thought provoking, intelligent, funny, and meaningful entertainment to our customers.
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We believe everyone has a story to tell! But are your ideas understood and remembered? We'll at Illustrate Multimedia we do more than just shoot videos, we design content that sticks! Our cinematic narratives, concrete images, mood driven music, and Hi-def videos provide simple messages…
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From conception to completion, or most any service in-between, we are experts at providing simple to complex solutions for media production We consistently provide outstanding value to our customers by applying our skills and imaging technologies.
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For over a decade, AnswersMedia has provided global brands, agencies and organizations with innovative solutions to their marketing and communication needs. At its core, AnswersMedia is an engagement company that not only creates and produces extraordinary content, but also designs the customized…
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At Designkitchen, we define digital broadly because we believe there are no boundaries to the experiences it can deliver, and no part of our lives those experiences can't enhance. By getting to know the concerns and the habits of the people you're creating for, and by working with a variety of…
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Coming from over 35 years as a commercial photographer, Sandy Ostroff brings a practiced professional eye to the art of computer generated imaging. He became fascinated by the computer's potential in 1986 and has been totally digital ever since. Artistry, innovation, and technique plus careful…
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Merging Technologies is an international digital media company specializing in creating hardware and software solutions for the worldwide professional audio and multimedia markets.
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MindSight is a full service multimedia production company. Staffed with award winning producers and directors, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. We offer directors of photography with broadcast quality cameras-housed in our ‘50x’50 sound stage. We offer on-line digital editing, Avid…
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Forever Young Media, Inc. is a digital marketing company that finds solutions to digital marketing challenges. We produce professional video productions using sophisticated video editing, animations and movable graphics. We have been doing this for 16 years. In early 2012 we converted our company…
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Broad Reach New Media can create the videos and photographs that will communicate your message and give you content to distribute on the web in the places your prospects and customers are visiting online. We not only create the visual content, but we enhance the search engine visibility of your…
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For over 30 years we have focused on producing creative, impactful video from concept to completion. Our roots are grounded in the tradition of compelling storytelling and artistic imagery. And we recognize the importance of focus and agility in today’s ever-evolving media landscape. This means…
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