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James M. Willis - Location Sound Mixer. For 12 years I have worked as freelance sound mixer and sound supervisor for reality television shows and documentaries. I have worked on reality shows such as Brother vs. Brother, Animal ER, Billion Dollar Buyer, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, 8 Minutes, Duck…
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BA in Music Composition . Seeking to work on any type of video or film composing music or Music supervisor. Willing to travel.
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I'm a composer/arranger/songwriter and jazz/pop/rock performer with a diverse set of skills. I play piano, write and record music-currently using Logic. I am familiar with many post-production techniques. I run my own small business creating videos that combine photo/video/music and sound…
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Over the past 10 years I have been composing music, DJ’ing events, booking artists and music supervision. Music is a passion of mine and always will be. There is nothing better than applying music as an event ambiance or to an atmosphere for visual media. I’ve helped coordinate events for brands…
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Way Of Man is a region-based band, Way Of Man Music is a production company, record label, and recording studio. Providing services such as concerts, audio recordings and engineering, advertisement jingles, and artist developement. Feel free to email us for details, or any questions about booking.
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As a music coordinator at MTV Networks for over 1.5 years, I used my knowledge of up-and-coming music to help select and license music used in various shows including 'I Just Want My Pants Back', 'Status Updates', 'Awkward.', and 'Snooki & JWoww'. I have also taken on an A&R role at Hype Music,…
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Experienced young artist with degrees in both Film and Music. Talented musician, singer/songwriter, screenwriter, editor, sound designer, and production artist.
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Vocalist, Content Developer, Musician, & Writer.
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Wild Whirled has established itself as an industry leader by offering a wide array of full vocal songs and production music via one stop licensing. We are proud to offer the following additional catalogs: Muzik Headz: Indie Artists. Indie Composers. Indie Muzik! One Stop Shop Vintage Masters:…
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I have an extensive background in music. From an early age I was classically trained on the piano and then trained in percussion. In high school I was a percussionist in band and went to state three years in a row. I have been a part of recording sessions both on piano and on drums. Weddings,…
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Producer, Post Production Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Music Supervisor, Composer
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