A music composition company, with quality compositional and design work. VST instruments and effects, studio with all musical format handled, and a video edit studio that can create a quality mix of audio/video material. Here is my website that has samples of my work:…
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A 3D artist who is trying to make his mark on the world. I feel as though 3D art is the best way to get an idea as close to real as possible. Ever since I was a child I have been building things and becoming involved in the 3D professional world was a very natural progression for me. 3D took the…
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A London based creative music agency offering music and score supervision, music strategy and sound design.
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Composer Featured as a soloist at Carnegie Hall and Radio City Hall as well as the U.S. Open and Fashion week, Jane Hunt, known as Violin Venus, combines the power and beauty of classical music with the energy and vitality of other genres such as folk, jazz and pop music resonating with…
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Dramatica Studios is a Film/Media music studio group from Atlanta, Georgia. We use the latest in music production software to produce the "Hollywood Music" that independent film directors thirst for. We offer a much more manageable price range for those who do not have the budget for Hans Zimmer,…
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Audio Motion Music is a music supervision services company. We provide music selection, licensing, clearance, production, and original composition or score. we work with independent artists from around the world as well as many platinum selling artists, producers and engineers. We work on film,…
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MUSIC RIGHTS FOR PRODUCERS, AD DIRECTORS, GAME DEVELOPERS, YOUTUBE SUPERSTARS AND CREATIVE MOVERS & SHAKERS The Rights Workshop is a complete music clearance and song licensing firm founded in 2001. We share a passion for music and media, and have 25 years of experience in helping producers make…
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Elie Maman is a Music Publishing professional with an extensive amount of experience in music licensing, publishing, supervision, production and composition.
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SCRIPT SUPERVISOR SKILLS *Professionally trained in Script Supervising *Experience in feature films, commercials, episodic television, shorts, PSAs, visual effects, Red, multi- camera and unscripted shows *Utilize standard and/or digital script supervising including continuity video…
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I most recently worked as a researcher and music coordinator at Thunderhoney.com, a licensing and placement company based in Los Angeles and Stockholm, SE, pitching current priorities and catalog repertoire for major film and TV licensing opportunities. I also maintained the online music catalog by…
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I have a diverse creative background with a focus on music and am seeking positions that would be a fit for my skill set on a project or permanent basis. Ideally, I wish to utilize my creative and administrative skills in a producer-oriented or music supervisor position. My experience in music…
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I am proficient in MS Office (Word, Powerpoint and Excel) and corresponding Mac Applications. I have excellent organizational skills, self starter and know how to prioritize. I am resourceful, honest and a team player. Being a quick learner and adapting to situations are my best qualities. What I…
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I'm a composer/arranger/songwriter and jazz/pop/rock performer with a diverse set of skills. I play piano, write and record music-currently using Logic. I am familiar with many post-production techniques. I run my own small business creating videos that combine photo/video/music and sound…
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As a passionate senior executive/music supervisor I’ll inspire those around me to develop, create, and execute, innovative strategies to create and exploit music content across multiple platforms. My extensive management experience in every aspect of music/film creative and marketing will allow me…
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I have over 18 years experience in the music industry: production, engineering, mastering, licensing, contract negotiations, publishing, A&R, retail and wholesale distribution, PR, marketing and branding. I have owned and managed a successful record label and lifestyle brand based out of New York…
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Lifeswork Entertainment is a music licensing company with a reputation for delivering quality music for film/TV productions. We have successfully licensed our catalog to some of the biggest names in business such as Fox Networks and MTV Networks. Our experienced and knowledgeable team makes…
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Highly motivated Audio Engineer. Innovator, proactive and excellent team worker. Easily adaptable to changes. Excellent at running multiple tasks and working under pressure. Fluent English and Spanish. Highly responsible.
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I am experienced in recording, broadcasting engineering, board operating, audio visual technical producing,seeking for the position of audio engineer in the production/post production industry to boost my skills and gain knowledge in aspects of communication field.
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Core competencies - Intellectual Property, Contract Drafting & Negotiations, Copyrights, Legal Writing, Media Publishing, Team Management & Supervision Brief description - Assist filmmakers in finding music and properly securing music licenses that work best within their films - whether…
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I am a beginner audio engineer with studio and live experience. I am trained to work with analog and digital equipment and have experience with large format consoles. I am currently training at a venue and have recently been the monitor engineer
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Recording artist looking to license music to film, tv, and commercials.
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Forward thinking professional with vast marketing, management, branding, promotions production and event planning experience in entertainment and media industry. A proficient administrator with proven logistical and organizational abilities.
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Craig Kierce has freelanced in production for several years, using skills ranging from graphic design to camera operation to film scoring. He is very creative, but is also organized and enjoys the technical aspects of any kind of production.
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Highly skilled and experienced. Works in Film, TV, Reality TV, Commercials, Industrials and more. Based in Los Angeles and Atlanta
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I am a Manhattan based composer and always looking for new and interesting projects.
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