Considered by many to be aggressive and having a hunger for more, Harold Johnson has been hitting the ground running and is reaching better endeavors as a producer and engineer on the music scene. The Chairman/CEO of UCOBY Productions has been producing music since 2003 and songwriting since his…
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I am an artist from the ChicagoLand Area; previously attended Columbia College Chicago. I play various instruments, write, record/produce, sing, rap, and dj.
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I am a composer, music engineer, music producer, and artist. I play four instruments(drums, lead guitar, bass, piano), sing, rap, and other things. I have been composing and mixing music for 13 years. I compose music using virtual instruments, live instruments, and use different DAW's to get the…
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Highly experienced Producer & Recording and Mix Engineer Produced for (TV): MTVs Yo Momma, Runs House, Rob & Big, and Jackass For Colored Boys Web Series Produced for (Artists): Tekitha of Wu…
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I am a Bachelor degree Sound Engineer with over 11 years of experience. I own a recording studio and have done multiple live concerts. I live in Chicago and play more than 4 instruments.
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• Nationwide implementation of single and multi-camera productions, videoconferencing, webcasting, live event & meeting production, lighting, projection & sound. Extensive, well-established equipment supplier and crew base in all major markets. • 20+ years corporate client experience as…
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As a media research professional I have specialized in accurate data measurement and strong client relationships. I wish to continue to enhance my client relationship skills while also finding creative opportunities that call upon my education in research studies, writing, and post-production.
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Chicago based music producers that specialize in creating remix and original music for television commercials, artists, film, and gaming. Noted for achievements in house music, owner/producer Vince Lawrence has created a destination for electronic music makers of every genre. The Slang…
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I am an audio engineer who specializes in sound design for video games as well as composition. In addition, I have edited, mixed and mastered many bands, films and voice-over work for radio and video games. Bands from The Collin Tyler Band to Flatfoot 56, films such as, October Surprise and…
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Recording Studio offers the latest state of the art recording equipment in a professional 3300 Sq. Ft. facility. We combine a digital recording system with classic microphones, analog preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs to deliver top quality sound. Our studio philosophy is simple: Every…
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Independent musician, writer, performer, music and video producer, editor, manager, promoter, event planner, DJ, product and graphic designer, retail sales and merchandiser both independently and with the group Mass Hysteria. Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with BA in Arts, Entertainment,…
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Student-level producer of Music for Video, and Video Productions. We are developing as a regional Audio and Video production house with vision for national and international award-winning productions. We are launching from a foundation of "A" graded projects at Prairie State College under Emmy…
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Motivated digital creative, skilled in audio and well versed in digital media.
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Cerny/American Creative is a full service sound production company with recording studios and a sound to picture finishing theatre. We produce radio commercials and sound finishing for television commercials and feature films. We have produced 6,400 consecutive projects without ever going over…
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A Highly energetic Audio Engineer/ Music Producer with a keen eye for quality and meticulous attention to detail, who demonstrates an amazing knowledge and enthusiasm for the music industry. Seeking the position of an audio designer / composer in an organization where I can capitalize on my…
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Duane Buford Composer,pianist,Sound Designer
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Enthusiastic music producer with a willingness to learn in the music production industry, as well as any digital media industry, from the ground up. Working towards a well earned career in production using the knowledge acquired from a 4 year Bachelor's degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media…
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Pre-production of film, videos, and music videos. Shoots, directs, and edits; post production of film. Records music using top of the line equipment and master music tracks or a complete album. Does foley, soundtrack and color correction in film production. Does social events recording and…
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Greg lives in Chicago and writes music for films, TV, commercials, and games. He is a passionate, versatile, and mischievous composer, who likes to break apart established musical genres and then put the pieces back together in unexpected ways, creating music that is familiar yet oddly…
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Very kind, laid back personality and very respectful. I have the biggest passion for music. I'm a songwriter/singer/rapper/ bass guitarist/ pianoist/actor/entertainer. Music is my life and I just really want to do what I love.
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Have been working with sound mixing and production since I've been fourteen. Love to work with anything sound or periodic related. Enjoy all the facets of production from pre to post and all types of.
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With more than 14 years of experience in the field of music, my talents range from composer to sound engineer. Many of my skills include; Both reading and writing music and lyrics, proficient saxophone studies,audio recording and mixing, beat making, film scoring, and much more.
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Original music and sound designer; specializes in Pro-Tools
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Musician- piano, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, electronics, vocals Composer- experimental, commercial, acoustic, electronic, text, multimedia Producer - audio, some video (post-production)
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Skilled professional with an eye for creativity and detail. Versatile with a background in graphic design, video and audio production. Highly proficient with video editing programs including Avid, and Final Cut Pro. Solid skills in computer programs including: Flash, PhotoShop, Illustrator,…
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