Nexus Sound Studio is a professional recording studio located in Warren, OH. “Nexus” which means “a gathering place” or “a means of connection to more things" is the basis behind Nexus Sound Studio. Our highly skilled staff is here to help you every step of the way with your project, no matter the…
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Audible Images Recording Studios has served the greater Pittsburgh area for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering superior quality recordings and fantastic customer care. By combining decades of experience with cutting edge technology, we make the very best recordings. Whether you’re an…
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My main focus is audio and sound engineering. I have a lot of experience with operating in professional and studio environments, and with both live sound mixing and studio editing. I am fluent with both analog and digital equipment.
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Artist Voice Music Production Visit personal website to listen to Music and spoken word on that page Or to review my artwork and writing
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My name is Steve. I create Spirit-filled music in many genres and help fellow artists create music too. I play instruments, make beats, remix songs, and write lyrics.
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full audio post production. dialog smoothing, dolby noise reduction, ADR, on set ADR, sound design, foley, voice over, music recording placement and editing, re-record mix, 5.1 surround, foreign deliverables. location sound equipment rentals
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I am a digital media student at zane state college. I am a photographer, but i specialize in post-proc/editing. I also produce music- mostly pop/indie/folk.
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Here at my co. I create & design original music tracks for placement in film tv video game productions. Sampes of my music can be heard and purchased on beatscore musicdealers itunes. Com
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