Seeking FT work in Film, TV or Animation Production or Post Production. Working towards becoming a Supervisor. I've worked on productions in Camera, Lighting and as Extra Talent. I've worked in post production in Editing and Foley Artist work. I've held Administrative positions within and…
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Hello, My name is Kyle Knaus and I am a very passionate individual looking to further my career in film. Currently I am a production assistant and have worked on numerous features, short films, and commercials. Look forward to working with you!
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Experienced PA. Reliable car and good driving record. Excellent phone skills and set etiquette. Anticipates needs. Graduate of the APA Photo Asst. training program and the Quixote intensive PA Bootcamp in LA. References available upon request.
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Having moved to Philadelphia from the San Francisco Bay Area four years ago by myself, I am not afraid to pack up and move to wherever an opportunity presents itself. I adapt quickly and easily to new changes and surroundings. Not only at Temple University did I gain a complete independence for…
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I balance instruction and initiative on intense set environments while demonstrating courtesy, efficiency, and ease to work with. Being consistently proactive and detail-oriented is what I bring to every moment on-set. I have a vehicle with insurance, and I have experience assisting with managing…
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I am currently seeking PA work but open to all opportunities. I graduated from college this past May (2014) with a B.S. in Psychology and I'm looking for a business that is challenging, rewarding and requires group efforts to achieve creative goals. I thrive in areas of work that expect and demand…
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Highly energetic and organized individual looking for a Full or Part time job. I have always been interested in Film Production and feel I could bring a lot to your Team. I have taken a break from Administrative work for about a year while moving to Northern Ca, Brentwood to get my children…
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Polished, professional assistant, project manager and administrator. • Experience garnered in fast-paced marketing, public relations, healthcare and non-profit sectors • Excellent communication, client relations and interpersonal skills • Detailed, deadline sensitive, organized and efficient •…
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GO....for Darci Your Mobile Music Assistant Darci Fletcher 775-813-0426 (cell) Recent Experience: • Local PA for 3 day shoot for The Liquidator Hired by Canadian production company for 3 day PA gig. Reno/Quincy CA/Chico CA filming for "The Liquidator" reality…
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Calvin Wu is a China and San Francisco based film, TV and media producer, committed to co-productions between China and America.
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Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Car Prrep, Crafty, A/Vand Utility. I have worked Corporate/Industrials/Live Events/Movies/Sports/TV. Experienced PA/PC/Driver/Locations/Casting/Utility in TV/Film/Sports/Commercials/Corporate and Live Events. Will travel out of state to work. I am…
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Skilled and savvy advertising agency professional with a background in art buying, project management and print production. Currently freelance. Former employee of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners S.F. Skills: superior organizational skills, project scheduling and follow through, job estimating,…
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I'm a recently graduated Media, Culture, and Communication student looking for a media production position in Northern California.
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Extremely reliable and self-motivated, strong attention to detail, excellent communication and problem solving skills, ability to work independently or with a group, exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills, team player with good management and analytical skills necessary to promote…
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I am fluent in Chinese Mandarin, my driving record is very good, and I am local to San Francisco (and Las Vegas). I received excellent training for every film production role back in college and am ready to kickstart my career in the industry now.
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As a highly experienced and motivated individual, I am seeking an opportunity to work in a fast paced environment. I believe that my professional experience in administrative duties as well as my attention to detail. I have a comprehensive background in production, Internet and radio, which has…
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Business Development/Video Producer
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I have worked in the accounting department of several feature film productions since 2005 . i am credited in them all as 1st Assistant Accountant, Payroll Accountant and PonAccountant I am registered with the Utah Film Commission, which my credentials are available for veiqing
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Virtual Office Services
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Formerly of financial services. Now focused on telling authentic stories through video.
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Student, fashion blogger, creative, highly motivated and experienced with customer service
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