Executive Assistant & Program Manager Sun and Sky Entertainment Since 2014 MFA Candidate Academy of Art University Motion Pictures & Television Producing Since 2012 Freelance Marketing & Writing Services Since 2008
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I'm an aspiring Production manager and Producer looking to get into Office jobs related to the film industry. I'm a punctual, hard working and adaptive. I have experience working on low budget films as a Production manager. I've handled paperwork, budgeting, Scheduling and crew management. I'm a…
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I have a strong creative vision and passion for film. Film making is all I ever wanted to do in life from editing to directing and even operating the camera. I want to do it all. I have a Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinematography and am now taking my Master of Science in Business…
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Wardrobe Stylist Assistant and all around Girl Friday for your on set needs. Work on commercials, photo shoots, music videos as well as dressing celebs for premiers and award shows. I primarily worked on commercials in LA for 10 years, but have also worked as Production Assistant, Coordinator…
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My motivation is my family and myself. I want to provide for my family as well as I love seeing what I can become through new experiences. What keeps me passionate are all of potential opportunities that are presented and discovered each and every day.
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