Studio Shotwell is a large Photo / Video Stage right in the heart of San Francisco. We have a two walled Cyc, as well as complete Kitchen and Production offices. There is a fabrication shop as well that is able to turn out any type of set or prop you may need. We are a full on Studio in the…
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Celebrating years of production experience…working as a freelance Production Supervisor, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Videographer, and Still photographer. My interest began from telling stories through dance and theatre. Telling stories through the lens is the ultimate passion! This…
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The Art Residence is a fully furnished and propped boutique photo studio for hire in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our studio maintains a subtle yet high profile reputation by offering an exclusive and comfortable environment providing all the amenities necessary to fulfill the diverse needs of our…
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Earwurm Studios is a reasonably priced, unique, multi-media production facility located in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco. Our facilities are ideal for photo and video shoots, castings, screenings, rehearsal, recording, small classes, private and public events, or business…
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Professional Photography and Makeup Services in Granite Bay, CA. 95746. Over Twelve years of professional experience.
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Full service photography company, specializing in model development, advertising, and event photography. Full digital editing services available upon request.
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Directory Listing Copy The Apex Studio is a 3600 sq/ft. blacked-out shooting area with a 35’x45’, 3-wall “infinite white” cyclorama. Additionally, the studio is equipped with state-of-the-art power and lighting equipment for whatever your creativity requires. The full-sized 10’x30’ Chimera…
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I am a professional photographer specializing in portraits, events, parties and special assignments. We offer excellent high resolution digital images. Our focus is my clients!
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Photography Studio Rental San Francisco
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