Working in the Entertainment industry since moving to LA 2004. And working mainly in post production field for the past 3 years. Active and helpful personality.
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Experienced and versatile producer/editor with credits on Emmy award winning shows. 6 year successful background producing and editing content for various ESPN broadcasts. Strong reputation for my creative instincts, knack for technology and project management
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Producer / Avid Editor / Audio PA / Some pro-tools / Production Manager and Coordinator
Views: 33
Line Producer, UPM, Post Supervisor in TV and Features. Expert at Budgets and Schedules
Views: 77
Picture editing and post production professional with a commitment to creative visual storytelling for a variety of media platforms. My professional experience working in a multiple countries give me a unique perspective on storytelling and life. You can check out samples of my work on my…
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Creative Arts Director, video production, post production.
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Freelance Post Coordinator/Script Supervisor
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While my official title at "Americas Got Talent" and The "5Th Dimension" was Musical Director or on the Film "The Kiss" a producer , in reality I was known as the person who could do everything. Hats I wore included composer, music cue sheets, researcher extraordinaire, landing the talent and the…
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20 years TV Producer / Production Executive / Post VFX Producer / Post Supervisor in commercials.
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Avid DS and FCP Video Editor, Colorist, Compositor. Producer/Director Experience.
Views: 202
I am a senior vfx/post coordinator/manager and have been working within the entertainment industry for over a decade. I have a diverse background having worked on feature films, television series, commercials, web/mobile content and special venue projects such as games and theme park rides. I am…
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I'm the A/V director for a church ministry.
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Hands-on, in-the-trenches video producer bringing combination of creative talent, technical capability, management expertise, and strategic vision to all projects. Working both independently and with teams, I thrive on a client-centric approach, that taps into my integrity, sensibility, good humor…
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Post Production Supervisor/Production Manager with experience supervising all aspects of television/video production. Experience includes managing 40+ personnel, coordinating crews and schedules, interfacing with network executives, acquisition of production equipment, research and development,…
Views: 796
I have over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, writing, producing and directing. Spent the last 7 years producing short form television, documentaries, VOD, and new media projects for the computer & console video gaming industry. Although, my entertainment career begin working in…
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Experienced Producer and Post Supervisor. Wide range of talents and knowledge, with a great database of crew, editors, and contacts to share. Dedicated to getting the job done right and on time.
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Audio Engineer / Sound Designer-Editor / Re-Recording Mixer
Views: 99
Very Organized and Capable Post Production Supervisor specializing in Television and Animation
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Kasper Folman
Copenhagen, Denmark
I love cables and toys. And no, it’s not lego, i’m talking about. It is computers, software, cameras. You name it. If a device has power going through it, chances are, that i will find it awesome. I’m always up for trying something new, and always on the lookout for solutions. I’m very good at…
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I am currently a production managing post production for a large company aspiring to further my skills and to take on new challenges. Looking for something that would lead to a creative position. I have also created a successful television show that is in negotiations. I am always pursuing new…
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Highly experienced closed-captioning/subtitling editor and transcriber for the entertainment industry. I can also create full CCSLs (Combined Continuity and Spotting LIsts), CCDLs (Combined Continuity and Dialogue Lists), dialogue lists, and spotting lists for movies, trailers, and promotional…
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Experienced professional manager with excellent client and project management skills. Action-oriented with strong ability to communicate effectively and excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure. Broad industry experience includes Television and Radio.
Views: 77
I am a story teller. Or more precisely I help others tell their stories. Just as a book editor takes an author's words and might add, subtract, modify or rearrange the words in order to make the words a better story, I do the same thing with pictures and sounds. the tools of my trade include…
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I have spent several years within the film and television production pipeline, as a senior digital artist and then as supervisor. My current title is CG supervisor at Encore VFX. My current duties include supervising the work for such television shows as Castle, N.C.I.S., Flash, Hawaii 5-0, and…
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I have an MA in Media and Communication Arts from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. I specialize in production, post production, and corporate communications.
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