Silver Box Audio is a full service audio production company based in Louisville, Kentucky. With over a decade of experience we can provide you with industry standard results from concept to delivery. Whether you need custom sound design, original music composition, mixing and mastering or…
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Active drummer and sound technician for live gigs Audio Engineering Degree from SAE of Nashville Studio engineer and producer
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I am a Full Sail graduate with a B.S. in Recording Arts. I have a lifelong interest in writing and recording music and attended Full Sail to pursue this dream professionally. Along the way I have also developed a keen interest in the possibilities of sound design and the vital role that unique…
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I am a Christian creative, songwriter, musician, and worship leader.
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I am in pursiut of an associates degree in Information Management & Design with an emphasis on graphic design. I am planing to attend Full Sail University to attain a bachelors in Recording Engineering.
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