Cable Television director/producer/writer who has worked extensively on History Channel and Discovery Channel projects including Law Enforcement Snipers and Boone and Crockett: The Hunter Heroes. Most of these TV projects have been historical, military, police or firearms oriented including a…
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Produced TV sitcom writer, feature writer, web content writer and professional blogger.
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Hard Worker - more info on resume
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To obtain a creative position within an entertainment production, studio or digital media company.
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I have approximately 2 years experience in various types of photography, such as nature, portraits, and urban prints. I have directed two short films for school projects at the Art Institute of Orange County. I have extensive experience as an editor using Final Cut Pro 7. I also have some…
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My passion is screenwriting. I've written a number of screenplays to include a professional football drama, a romantic comedy and television pilot and a host of spec scripts for television. I desire to work in this capacity and I am willing to start wherever I'm needed. Writer's assistant. I have…
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I've been screenwriting for the last 17 years, and feel it is time to put myself in the industry. I've been perfecting my art for those years (off and on). I would just like a shot at screenwriting or television writing. I don't have the experience, within the industry, but I'm willing to learn.
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I am a comedy writer who keeps it real
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I am a current MFA Screenwriting student at California State University Fullerton, with a focus on feature and hour long drama. I have been a PA on set along with directed, edited, and filmed multiple student shorts, and tutorial videos both private and industrial. While can't know or do…
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I am a U.S. Navy veteran and also a graduate of The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, where I earned my Bachelors of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production.
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I am a Tisch School of the Arts at NYU alumnus, Writers Guild of America member, and native New Yorker who has filled out my education with ten years of professional Hollywood experience.
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Writer and director with television development experience. Experience working at AMC television as a feature film and television pilot coverage writer. I am self-motivated and driven; when given a task I complete it in a timely and orderly manner. I thrive when under pressure, and have a zeal…
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Screenwriting, PR, advertising, journalism, production assistant.
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Gold Pictures specializes in Indy feature development and production. We offer a talented and award winning staff of producers, writers, D.G.A. Directors, and a complete post division. Gold Post is proud to be an elite boutique that can do what others can''t. They say you can only have two…
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I'm a hard worker, with both office and creative experience (ranging from clerking in a law office, to researching on AMC's Mad Men, to managing the largest Harry Potter store in the world) with a passion and drive for good story telling. I'm also one of the most pragmatic and issue free people…
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Writer/Director/Producer. Currently Producing a short film and writing another. I also lead a dope ass writer's group that meets weekly on Sunday mornings.
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Independent contractor based in Los Angeles, CA. I have been working in the industry since 2009. My diverse background in the entertainment industry has provided me with a multitude of different industry related skills for multiple departments via film, tv, internet, commercials, music videos, web…
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My name is David Gonzalez. I'm 35 years old, and moved to Los Angeles from Miami, Florida a little over a month ago. I come to LA with almost ten years of writing experience, working with newspapers and magazines, advertising agencies with high profile clients, as well as an MFA degree in creative…
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I have written, directed and produced five short films. I have co-written short films for festivals. I have written eleven shorts and 4 feature length scripts. I starred in a short film, Begleiter and I have some of my work posted on youtube. Begleiter has appeared at and won many film…
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Started out as an actress and grew to love working on the other side of the camera. Experienced with line producing and AD work.
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Young filmmaker experienced in multiple departments ranging from pre through post production. Career aspirations in screenwriting, but knowledgeable, willing and capable of handling most other aspects of production.
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Multimedia Producer/Director/On-air Personality/Script Writer/Copywriter: With a unique background in Japan-USA multimedia production of radio, TV, and film projects, Deborah Grant was an on-air radio personality for NHK Dai-Ni Hoso on the program “English Hour” for two and a half years as…
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22-year-old college graduate with a BA in Multimedia - Cinematic Production. 8 years experience in video production along with graphic design, communication and networking experience.
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I officially entered the entertainment industry through acting. Always in love with performing, creative writing seemed to complement whatever phase I was in, be it singing, acting, or even photography. The visual medium has always felt like home to me. I see the world through a camera lens. …
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