Camera (Film&HD) Story Analysis & Interpretation (Between English&Japanese)
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To make quality movies while establishing a successful career in the movie industry
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Award-winning professional screenwriter; MFA Graduate of USC Film School with Distinction Honors; Writer of Divorce Invitation (2012) to be released, starring Elliott Gould, Jami Lynn Sigler, Richard Kind; Script and development analyst, working with Constantin Films, Ocean Pictures, 20th Century…
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Proactive and ambitious self-starter looking for experience and growth opportunities. Graduated in 2003 from Florida State University with Marketing and Multinational Business Operations. Worked in the Insurance field for 5 years before moving to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue my artistic…
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Writer, Director, Editor, occasional actor, and set hand for hire (including pre- and post-production).
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Hi, my name is Silver Streak Lady aka Evelyn Nelson Kelley. There’s been some very interesting flashes and dashes of devastation along with blessings in my life; I’m very loyal, dependable and a trustworthy person. Among my strongest work attributes are punctual, detailed oriented and perfection.…
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Currently, I am a Segment Producer on Sea Rescue, I write for All In with Laila Ali on CBS, and I edit a webseries called "Suits & Ukes." Previously, I worked in Chicago for a small remote studio, I edited some web content for private clients and ran a control room (a remote camera and a…
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Experienced executive assistant, with a background in production coordinating, physical production, and writing and editing. Strong knowledge and interest in web and television production and development.
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I am a go-getter. I believe in working hard towards your dream. And being efficient doing it. Director at Inigo Ellison. Please check out my past, current and upcoming work here on my tumblr.
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Writer | Producer | Editor
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Professional writer and editor specializing in art, culture, food and entertainment. Over fifteen years of published experience. Also, published a literary fiction collection and have edited two international online magazines.
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Highly motivated filmmaker seeking work that affords the opportunity to apply talents and abilities in a professional environment, learn as much as possible about all phases of the film industry, and expand professional network. Primary skills include: Directing for film/video media,…
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I am an actor, writer and a filmmaker originally from Greece and a UCLA graduate. I have done and been in many music video, commercials, pilots and short films. Filmmaking, writing and acting have been a passion of mine since I was 5 years old and I always strive hard to create quality content.
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Recent graduate from Cal State Northridge. Graduated in Film Production with Emphasis in Cinematography. Before that, studied Screenwriting. Currently working freelance. Previously interned at Legacy Entertainment and with The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. Looking to be in…
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Production Qualification Summary Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video projects from inception to completion. Effective at organizing, scheduling and coordinating shoots. Plan, organize and maintain budgets and schedules, using Movie Magic and Entertainment Partners Budgeting and Scheduling.…
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As an avid writer who is obsessed with television, I am interested in combining my editorial background with my desire to work in the television industry.
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