I have been involved - in one way or the other - in the entertainment industry and social media for years. It's my life, and I grasp at any opportunity to become more involved. While I may not have the same level of experience as some, I assure you: my drive, passion, and expertise in…
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Currently studying English: Creative Writing and want to branch out into Screenwriting. I have written a few short films and want to start networking and meeting extraordinary people. I am open to any form of writing (poetry, short film, short stories, comic book writing, and feature films)…
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Tamirfilms is dedicated to using media to inspire others around the world. Founded by Tamir Yardenne in 2007, it is privately held, fully integrated entertainment company.
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To Whom It May Concern: As a recent graduate with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing & Producing for Television, the first program of its kind, at Loyola Marymount University’s, School of Film and Television, I look forward to my career and future successes, based on this solid foundation as a…
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Experienced coordinator, writer, producer looking to transfer into full-time commercial/TV/Film production. Experienced creative developer.
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Writer. Producer. Director.
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Books: March 2015: Rachel, Love Story by Radovan Nastic – Editor Commercial Production: October 2012: Ding Jingles, LLC./DCP Productions – Production Assistant, Geico and NHL Production 2013 Lord Stanley, Splinter, and 15 Film Production: March – May 2015: Wall-Ah – Screenwriter,…
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Writer, proofreader, or editor who maintains reader engagement by utilizing eleven years of professional experience drafting press releases, business letters, headlines, columns, and news copy, as well as experience proofing existing documents for various media, including newspapers, magazines,…
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Excellent story analysis and research skills; strong written and verbal communication abilities; motion picture production and development experience; encyclopedic knowledge of cinema history; strong computer skills (Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, Final Draft)
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Comedy writer/editor with experience in video production, animation studios, sketch comedy and theatre. Please see 'Website' for examples of my work.
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Screenplay Coverage by a team of professional screenplay readers. Affordable. Also provide training for screenplay readers.
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Young creative college graduate with a deep passion for film and film production. Working in the Film and Entertainment industry has been a passion of mine for a long time. To me being able to work on and help in the creation of media that people will see and be affected by is one of the greatest…
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I am 24 years old. Just moved to the area. I went to school for screenwriting at SIUC. I have written 1 feature and 3 short films. Working on another feature screenplay, and consistently learning more about the craft of writing and story telling.
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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but words have the power to forever change an image’s meaning and take us to places we've never seen. Over the course of my career, this mantra of mine has helped me to become a more efficient writer and versatile creative. Whether the answer is an…
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I have experience in feature film production and studio management. I understand that filmmaking is a complex business from conception to release. I am interested in every facet of filmmaking, and will be a very hard working employee; in whatever capacity I could assist you.
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-Experience working on professional sets as a freelance production assistant -Experience assisting production company executive a development intern -Experience evaluating scripts and writing script coverage -College graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Media Arts from Biola…
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Seventeen years as professional comedian, writer for several shows, performed in sixty three countries. Multiple television appearances, recurring humor columnist for several websites.
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I have training in media arts, very strong writing and communication skills. I am currently seeking an opportunity that will allow me to utilize and further develop my skills. I will be attending creative writing classes at UCLA. I have worked in sales and customer service.
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I have a great deal of experience reading and covering screenplays, as well as a great deal of experience in video production. I can write, edit, and perform other jobs on a film crew. I recently got my Bachelor's Degree from Iowa State University with studies Film and Television Production. I am…
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Hi. I'm Andrew Thompson, a professional writer based in Los Angeles. Over the past several years, I've been honored to work on projects for a wide variety of clients, ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations, as well as authoring a number of well-received screenwriting passion…
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Los Angeles based freelance Screenwriter, Videographer, and Editor for hire. Two years of training and 5 months of professional camera operator experience. Individual holds several Writer's Guild registered screenplays for perusal and option. Presently capturing principle photography for a series…
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I am a TV writer and producer, comedy writer and film historian. I have worked steadily in television since 1991 and have written and published forty books. I am hard working and motivated and have never missed a deadline. I can offer glowing recommendations from virtually everyone who has ever…
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I am a recent UCLA graduate from the Theater, Film and Television program. Currently I work for Apple Inc, as a small device technician and am looking to gain experience as an executive assistant in production or development. I believe that my extensive technical background and passion for film…
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Screenwriter, novelist, former development executive. Two feature scripts under option, a $25 million feature in pre-production.
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Writer-Producer in television and internet entertainment/advertising. Experience in one hour scripted drama, documentary and reality television, short form broadcast promos and trailers, internet webisode entertainment and branded advertising.
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