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As a TV Producer of documentary programs for such entities as PBS, NBC and TNT, I have produced and written half-hour and hour-long shows for both local and national air. I've also been a free-lance radio and print journalist, and have many national clips to my name. Please email for samples and…
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Digital Script Supervisor
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Motivated and talent friendly, with over a decade of development and production experience, I have a proven track record of balancing creative input and production needs to create stellar original programming for various platforms (film, tv, new media) at various budget levels.
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Independent writer/director. Have written and directed several award-winning short films. Also have production assistant and technical theater experience.
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Writer, Editor, and Idea Machine
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A movie director who wants to make it in Hollywood searching like minded individuals who are creative willing to go the extra mile and make money along the way.
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Bilingual Spanish/English writer and director
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Visual Storyteller
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Besi is a film director, producer and screenwriter born in Istanbul, Turkey and lives in the Los Angeles, California. She holds an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts as a Fulbright Scholar and a BA in Film & Television from Istanbul Bilgi University. Currently she attends the UCLA Professional…
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25 years of producing and writing experience in short and long promotional/marketing/DVD formats, documentaries and feature films. Currently have three screenplays under option with various studios and producers.
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I am a writer who has worked in theater, television, and short films. I am a native to Boyle Heights, California, and I come from a strong Latino background. My strongest aspect is in comedy and the majority of my pieces tie my culture with my strong sense of humor. I also write a continuing…
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FILM COMPOSER - I specialize in epic, original music which embodies a realistic orchestral sound (done on a computer). Samples at My scores are emotionally moving, lending a John Williams-esque grandeur to your independent feature or short film. SCRIPT…
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I have over 8 years of experience in Indie Film making. I have written and produced 16 TV commercials as well as several film festival shorts. I have a passion for Writing, Directing and Editing as well as experience in all aspects of production.
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Film student. Works with Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, and various Microsoft Office applications.
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A hardworking passionate person with the ability to learn quickly. I am a recent graduate originally living in Minnesota, moved to Los Angeles 4 months ago. I am able to do anything I'm asked to do and I will do it to the best of my abilities. I am a critical thinker who multitasks well. I am very…
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Writer/Director. Currently in Paris, France, waiting to begin Post on my First Feature, L'Homme au piano. I am looking for Legal Representation for my future scripts.
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I’m a top-tier, creative marketing exec who’s swimming deep in The Computer Continuum, steeped in social commerce, creative content, integrated campaigns + more. My recent Fortune 100 clients include Coke, Intel + DirecTV.
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Graduated from New York University with honors. Film production major, social and cultural analysis minor.
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Writer/Director. She started her career in the technical field of electronic design. At the age of 41, she culminate her career in this field by designing a small form factor 4K digital global shutter camera to be used for 3D Cinematography. Already a step in the door of Hollywood she decides to…
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A college degree and five years of office experience doesn't describe who I am or what kind of worker I can be. I strive for the best at all times; for myself and for my company. I am looking to join a company where I can become a part of a team thriving for success.
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Talented Screenwriter avail for script analysis or script doctoring. Also avail for film editing work. Experienced on Final Cut Pro. Samples available for music videos and events.
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A visual storyteller with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Film-making & Video Production. Experienced in all aspects of storytelling from writing to editing and works comfortably in the writing, film, and photography mediums. Strong background in leadership and problem solving.
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I am a writer whose credits include TV (NBC News, MTV, Nickelodeon), print and the web (Stephen J. Cannell). I also provide social media, SEO, blogging and marketing.
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