You don’t know me, but you probably know my work…you’ve heard my words read by a narrator during the trailers at the movies, read my copy on the back of the box when you rented a DVD, or glanced at my copy line for a bank on a bus shelter. I am a senior level copywriter specializing in video…
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Multi-faceted, commitment to excellence, always on-time/on-budget and willing and very able to learn new skills, as needed. Current skills range from script reading, writing (creative & business), marketing, project management, editing and good working knowledge of popular (and not-so-popular)…
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Actor, ScreenWriter, casting assistant, talent wrangler, Assistant UPM.
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Professional veteran screenwriter with several produced high profile feature films. My latest is Spiders 3D coming soon to a theater near you via Millenium Films/ Lionsgate. I've also worked with the legendary Roger Corman.
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Graduated with a BA in Diplomatic History from the University of Pennsylvania with honors in May 2012. Recently completed an internship in development with Lin Pictures (a Warner Bros. affiliate). Experienced in writing script coverage and notes, conducting research pertaining to potential…
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Award-winning director across media platforms: film/TV, documentary and stage. In 2016, Todd Felderstein won the top 3 awards at the Short + Sweet Hollywood for his production of the original play, "Reservations" that starred Dale Raoul of "True Blood" fame. Over the last 4 years Todd has…
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Copy Writer, Screenwriter, Ghost Writer. Let's write something. Iʼm a freelance copywriter. I also ghost write for a media personality. I sometimes write, produce and direct short plays for the Sacred Fools Theaterʼs late-night series Serial Killers.
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MFA Screenwriting December 2012 Production Assistant Experience SAG Elig Actor Crime Consultant on Set
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Nick's introduction into the entertainment industry was providing celebrity and character voices for numerous radio stations in the San Francico Bay Area. Where he worked with Shock Jock Perry Stone and sidekick, Trish Bell at KSJO, where he showcased his talents performing such "celebrity…
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I am a screenwriter. I have written several short films and I am writing a feature. I specialize in horror and science fiction, but I am open to any genre. I also edit films with Final Cut, Premiere, and After Effects.
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Katelyn Ferrara is a published poet, screenwriter, and novelist living in Los Angeles. She has proven her skills on various production sets, including being the main hairstylist and producer’s assistant on the Boyz II Men music video “One More Dance.” Her experience includes, but is not limited to…
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Film critic and former B movie script doc. Been a spec pilot writer for offbeat high concept projects. Also have voice over experience. Grew up in Hollywood. Available for work.
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Christopher is an alumnus of the UCLA School of Theatre Film & Television. He was one of twelve freshmen chosen to study in a four year Acting Conservatory Track taught by industry professionals from Yale, Carnegie Melon, and NYU. While at UCLA, he starred in David Mamet’s “American Buffalo”,…
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I'm a Film & Media Arts major at Temple University, due to graduate in August. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA, and am participating in Temple LA internship program. Writing is my passion, and I'm looking for an internship where I can get experience doing script coverage.
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I've just moved to LA for the writing opportunities after realizing (belatedly) that I belong in the entertainment industry. I'm highly educated with a heavy writing/editing background, including creative writing training, and have a wide range of professional and personal experiences. I'm as…
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I'm a working professional with experience and film credits. I have been writing for a number of years and recently, a film I co wrote just went into post production.
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I'm experienced in all aspects of production including features, commercials, reality, and corporate videos. On set I can grip/electric, AC, coordinate, manage and assist. Off set I write.
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A writer, production assistant, go-getter, willing to learn anything. Driven by a love of story.
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Writer with experience in TV production, studio administration, and social media marketing. I particularly excel at working in a team, with rapidly approaching deadlines, and specialize in food, travel, and entertainment.
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Film school graduate looking to work in television, film and media. I have experience as a PA, making runs, writing coverage, and editing with Final Cut. I am here for whatever you need.
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Rich experience as a Writer and Producer for corporate, commercial and broadcast projects. Fluent in linear, interactive and rich media; narrative and documentary. Strong leadership and creative skills. Accomplished in all phases of production. Extensive background in technology,…
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Writing, Production.
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Recently graduated student with a Bachelors in Screenwriting. My long term goals include becoming a professional screenwriter or showrunner. I'm looking for a job that will help me get started in the business. I'm open to traveling for long periods of time and working long hours.
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Scorpio Rising Films has effectively piloted several projects, including and The Clown Project webseries, Season 2 of which, is currently in development. In 2004, we embarked on our first foray into feature producing with Scott Somerndike’s romantic comedy 3 Wise Women and our film, The Last Time…
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