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The mission of is threefold: •Help the producer easily find a good script •Save time for the agent and manager in locating the right people for their clients' scripts, or new clients •Greatly increase exposure for the screenwriter InkTip was born in 2000 after witnessing the…
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4 years in the Marine Corps as an infantry rifleman. Could instantly fill any need for technical advisory work on military film sets, weapons handling, first aid etc. there and all things pertaining to the military I'm your guy. Extremely capable of any manual labor type work on a movie set.…
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We create and improve creative ideas, in the genres of comedy, Science Fiction, adventure and horror. A staff of writers and artists help to enhance vision for graphics and story development. New, innovative ideas. We are a fully capable graphics house, with abilities in MAC and PC…
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Screenwriter, creative writer, graphic novel writer,
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Hi everyone, they call me JC. I've worked on a couple of student films in the past. I'm currently going to The ART Institute of California-Inland Empire to get my bachelors degree.
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Creative, tech-savvy MFA filmmaking candidate with a background in marketing and event production for entertainment, hospitality, and technology industries, such as PBS and Conan. Strengths include organizing logistics, assisting executives, scheduling, writing, social media creation, and project…
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Professional film actor, director, scriptwriter and editor.
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I am a writer that specializes in skits and short films. My interests lie in working on features that have an interesting story. I have a mixture of comedy and drama in my portfolio. My ultimate goal is to be a successful screenplay writer.
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