I have been doing all aspects of video production for 10 years. A great story is the most important part of a piece, so I spend the majority of my time refining scripts, and post-production. Skills Pre-Production: Writing/Editing Refining…
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Student studying English in college. Interested in Literature and Screen Writing.
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I'm a hard working creative looking to collaborate with and learn from other like minded artists.
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I am a writer/director/producer/editor. I have a BFA in Film & Video Production from the School of Visual Arts. I work as a freelance videographer and editor weddings, sporting events, commercials, live music performances, interviews, music videos, sketch comedy, and other events. I have…
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Having produced, directed, written, edited and assisted on multiple reality and narrative film projects, I am looking to bring my experience and energy to help ensure the viability and profitability of your film, television, and online productions.
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I am currently enrolled in the film program at Cal State Northridge, under the Cinematography option. Film is my life. I love making movies and watching movies from all eras and all countries. I have been on film shoots and am confident enough to direct a project that has a great concept. I can't…
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I am a freelance artist living in the Los Angeles area. I came down to L.A. from Alaska five years ago for school at calarts. I am now transitioning to the working world.
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Experienced Screenwriter and Producer. Attending BDFI for Producing and AFI for Screenwriting. Specializing in Screenwriting, Script Analysis, Editing and Producing Pre though Post Production. I own two RED Cameras; a Scarlett and an Epic, with packages. I also own Arri Lights and Production…
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I am a writer, illustrator, editor and administrative assistant based in Los Angeles. I am currently transitioning from print journalism to entertainment production and am seeking an entry level position with a production company. My goal is to tell amazing stories.
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Freelance writer, formerly specializing in ebooks and articles, but moving into film and television industry.
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