It’s pronounced “Gloid,” like Lloyd with a “G.” Justin Gloyd is a writer and artist currently residing in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV in the United States. He has always created and drawn characters and stories with a spark and life to them since he could remember picking up a pencil. He has…
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Seasoned crew member who understands the need for reliability, communication and how to be an asset in a production environment. Skill sets include PA, copy writing, videography and photography. Fiction writing places an emphasis on women's issues and comedy/dark comedy genre. 2016 - 2013…
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Videographer for NBC Universal Lighting for Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" Certified Professional Script Supervisor with IPad BA in Film from University of Nevada Las Vegas Lives in Las Vegas, NV
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I am a college student (English major), writer, and screenwriter (unproduced). I live in "the Entertainment capital of the world," but I am California dreamin'!
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Eric Christopher Jacksonis an emerging fine art photographer and creative writer originally from South Florida. His writing ranges from poetry to screenplays. Photography includes automobiles, portraits, landscapes, and more. The Photography Series entitled, The Dark Light was published in…
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We are a Film/Video/Music: Entertainment Christian Company. We have two 24/7 internet radio station, 4 internet TV 24/7 TV station. Links can be found @ I'm a director. Editor. Camera operator. Author. Scriptwriter. DP of photography. Set designer. My book The…
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Aspiring Film Director. Experienced TV Director, Camera Operator and Screenwriter looking to pave the way for myself and pursue my dreams. Looking for the opportunities to make them a reality. Here to find work and make a career out of TV & Film
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Hi, I'm always looking to work on film sets, however my situation sometimes makes it tough. That said, I'm a good screenwriter, who's written numerous scripts, on spec, and on assignment, features and shorts, I'm a playwright as well, and I have an entertainment blog, and have worked on numerous…
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Hello, my name is Alyssa Baker I recently just finished taking a script supervising course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and have gained a great knowledge of script supervising, I am a scriptwriter myself, but I am looking for work. If interested I would gladly appreciate the opportunity…
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Senior Level Executive with a history of successful projecting, developing, and execution, as it identifies to the business of show and other industries Instinctive, in the mediums of creativity, administration, production, writing, and public relations Embraces an opportunity and effects…
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I'm a recent college graduate actively looking to start my career in film and television production. I'm most interested in script writing and editing, however I also enjoy videography and animation.
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Current film student and amateur writer, I studied a little on film but mostly on creative writing. I am an experienced in the format of screenwriting and have some knowledge of abode premiere. I have read and studied syd field's screenplay book and one day home to have a screenplay produced.
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Creative Writer, Music Composer, Film Editor, Pianist I love writing stories, composing music, editing films, and playing the piano.
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Editor, Writer, Director, Producer
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I'm a photographer and writer.
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