I'm a resourceful, succinct idea-human with experience in writing, recording and performing original music. At this time, I am focusing on creative literature, but can use my skills and inventiveness to critically usher along projects of an expansive variety. I dabble in graphics and have tattoo…
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Hallo! My name is Dion Hargrave. I am singer/songwriter. Ready to do music productions. Classically trained, but I love different genres of music. I love R&B, soul, rock, indie,musicals, and opera. Looking for any avenue to do music.
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Eager broadcast graduate looking to work in film or entertainment media. Willing to move, work, and work outside of the box.
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I am in the intertainment field . I can sing and act . I was an extra in the movie called "Fighting Temptations " featuring Byance and Cuba Gooding Jr . I was also in the stage play " Mama I want to Sing" featuring Cissi Houston.
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I am a freelance Cosmetologist in Columbia SC. I specialize in Natural Hair...Hair Extentions and Hair Replacement. I am pursuing a career as an Editorial stylist in Print/Film, Runaway and Reality. I have several years of salon experience. I currently am the lead stylist at DeAbreu Modeling and…
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Taylor Morrison Music Group does the following *Creates Music Videos * Produces Commercials *Produces Music for Radio, and National Airplay *Manages and Develops Talent *Represents Talent *Radio and TV Promotion and Production *Live Events *Helps clients get their likesness etc on…
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I am an voice over artist , who is able to perform in five different Indian Languages. Looking for a voice over opportunity!
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i am a song writer i don't have a song yet but i'm writing one ,i am 9 yrs old ,i wear glasses,blonde hair, hazel eyes,i love god,music,horses,and my family.i want to be famous and write songs i like pink,Katy Perry, the band Perry,and others i love to sing and,write songs.i want someone to produce…
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I'm a fun and creative guy. I love using my voice to create; whether it be music I've written, or singing for others, to taking on a character for commercial or cartoon. Since becoming a dad, I have enjoyed being able to develop characters and voices to entertain the kids, and love that they try…
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