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Allen provides creative coverage with complete (and always changing) state of the art camera packages built around the Sony 4K capable FS7 and F5, Sony XDCAM 800, Sony F3, Panasonic HDX 900 and much more… Our Sound Devices mixers, Lectrosonics wirelesses, Sanken and Sennheisser booms,…
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I strive to record the very best tracks for each unique situation. I enjoy complicated sound challenges and thrive on finding solutions. I use only the latest top of the line professional audio equipment as to assist me in recording the overall best sound possible. I am most proud of my work in…
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I have a passion for all things television and technology related. I’m committed and dedicated. The more interested I am in something the quicker I learn it. My experience in audio and video production varies. Besides the experience that I receive in school majority of my experience comes from my…
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I am a musician and audio engineer with a BS - Entertainment Industry (Production emphasis). I have 3+ years experience working in a studio environment and served as the student head engineer for the on-campus studio during my senior year.
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Field Audio, Grip, Video Editor, etc. Swiss army knife of video production.
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Broadcast Operator at Celebrity Cruises, Inc. Operations Management, Broadcast Producer, Story Teller, Radio Show Host
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My Focus Being In Location Sound & Sporting Venues.
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