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It has been my good fortune and pleasure to have worked continuously in production since college. In 2000 I formed my own company and it's added a whole new and enjoyable dimension to my profession. Here's what we offer: • Concept Development • Scripting • Production • Multi-Camera Live Event…
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Talented News DP / Camera operator / Sound Tech / Drone operator licensed - Quick turn around - last minute productions (Shooting /Editing) with 25 years of experience; live news, corporate videos, docs, videos; any and all high definition productions. Call for a quote: - (2) PANASONIC P2…
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Running Man Pictures specializes in all facets of video production. With 17 years experience, Running Man Pictures (RmP) has a solid foundation and knows the business. RmP is FAA Drone Certified!! Please contact for Rates. In addition to 2-400W HMI's, we have 3 camera packages; Canon C-300 mii,…
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Thanks for your time and please see my website for further details. I have 17 years of professional Camera & Sound experience and take my work seriously. I am FAA Certified for Drone Flights!! Please contact me for rates. I have 3 camera packages; a Canon C-300Mii, a Panasonic HVX500 Broadcast…
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From OUTLOUDED Sound Design Studio. We don't just think outside the box, we strapped it with C4, blew it up and got a recording! We understand that people don't want the cookie-cutter norm that we've been told to accept as "normal." OUTLOUDED is what happens when something sounds so good it…
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I specialize in Pro-Audio Sound Mixing, Video Editing, Screenwriting, and DSLR Video . I am available in the North Florida, South Georgia, and SE Alabama area.
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I am a Media Production graduate of Florida State well versed in the Adobe CS5 suite. I have also functioned as a crew member (director, TD, cameraman) for Seminole Productions and WFSU TV. I have been held back from not owning my own HD camera but I do own the CS5 suite and have developed a knack…
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Studio engineer.
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