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Atlanta | Director | Cinematographer | DP | Videographer | Camera Operator based out of Atlanta GA. Gear FS7, A7S, GH5 , GH4 other camera packages also available. We are committed to giving your production maximum attention and detail for the best possible outcome. We have lighting and sound…
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Crawford Media Services, Inc. is an Atlanta-based, privately-held company and proven leader in the electronic media services industry whose mission is to provide creative, turn-key electronic media solutions for television, film and archival clients. Crawford provides industry-leading audio and…
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I’ve got your back! Sound mixer with gear. Knows what it takes to work as a team to make a project a success. Complete audio package including Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, Lectrosonic wireless systems with sanken mics, Sanken CS-3E boom mic, Tentacle Sync System for time code. Clients…
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Sound Mixer with feature film, reality, TV commercial and web series location recording experience. Equipment List is included on this site and includes Zaxcom, Schoeps, Denecke Time Code Slates, Camera Time code Lock Boxes, Comteks, etc. EXPERIENCE: Oakley Commercial, Bubba Watson,…
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Providing sound mixing and recording services for documentaries, commercials, feature films, TV shows & corporate clients * Experienced in sending audio to ALL types of cameras and dual system recording. * Multi-camera, single camera, ENG/EFP * Committed to capturing the best sound…
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I am a Location Sound Mixer located and working in the Atlanta, Ga. USA area. I work anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area almost every day. I easily handle short trips around the state, longer trips around the region, and extended travel anywhere you need me to be. I am experienced with corporate…
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With over 30 years as a recording engineer & sound designer, Greg is one of the most sought-after ADR mixers in the industry. His credits include The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, American Hustle, Lincoln, The Lego Movie, and Black Mass.
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Audio Engineer/Producer I am an innovative audio enthusiast. Musically sophisticated with technical knowledge in sound design, audio mixing, electronics, audio engineering and studio recording. A team leader, producer, entrepreneur, and creative mix master. A professional promoter, with…
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Pursuing quality sound and the art of capturing it for visual media. I work as a production sound mixer for TV, movies, commercials, corporate videos, & live events. Custom equipment packages available. See my website for more!
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Hello, my name is Kevin Strahm, I'm a production sound mixer and I'd like to mix sound for your next project! I started out working in sound professionally for Marriott International in Chicago, IL and was an audio video technician with them for 13 years. During that time I earned an 'Expert'…
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10 year production sound supervisor and sound mixer specializing in Reality Television, large and small format shoots. Look - the biggest benefit I bring to set is a solid ability to "roll with the punches" and get great audio with a great attitude, pleasant to work with, and gosh-darnit,…
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Hello, My name is Chris Durfy. I'm an Audio Mixer and Sound Supervisor who specializes in working in Location Sound for television and film with extensive experience in Reality Television, Commercials and Film. I'm fully equipped, friendly, professional, reliable and travel ready. You can…
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Recording, editing, audio. Live sound (i have my own PA). I can also do sound design, post production, MIDI production, songwriting, and live recording.
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I am a production sound mixer. My experience includes feature films to documentary's to live sports. I have an extensive recording package including a trailer, multiple sound carts and multiple bag rigs. I can provide anything you might need sonically for your production.
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Greetings! I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I have had a camera in my hand and mixer on my desk since 1984. I've wired houses to clubs for live sound, video, lights, and recording. I produce music and play drums/keys for rock, orchestral and electronic styles. Spent several years in the Navy…
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I am a freelance sound mixer who is currently located in Savannah, GA. I can work as a sound mixer, boom operator, sound utility, or as a production assistant. I have worked with companies like A&E, OWN, and TLC. When I am not freelancing, I work at Professional Sound Services in NYC. I am a…
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I'm the co-owner of Gridlife Film & Photo LLC, a production company. I'm also a freelance boom operator/audio tech. I have worked on several big budget shows as well as independent ones and am very versatile in all around film production knowledge.
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Nicole Hankerson is the owner and sound mixer at C.C. Productions 803,LLC. She has taken advantage of the film industry growth in Georgia. Hankerson has worked in the TV and film industry since 2008. She started by working for others then began her own company in 2010. She has quickly become known…
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Lee Sean Whitfield (AKA SkinnyMane Beatz) ,An America Record Producer/TV & Film Composer with 14+ years experience From Atlanta ,Ga .He Began his musical career as a saxophonist in band during early adolescents .He has gained Recognition in Business as and Credited Hiphop/Pop Producer.
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We help artists and musicians around the world breathe life into their music everyday with online mixing and mastering while helping those local to the North Metro Atlanta area with vocal recording and mixing studio sessions. Let us help do the same for you! Visit us online to learn more and…
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Audio/Video Design Consultant, Freelance Broadcast Audio Mixer, FOH Audio Engineer, Monitor Audio Engineer, A/V Project Manager
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theSoundNut, Inc. is devoted to providing a full range of audio services of the highest quality and utmost efficiency. Client satisfaction is always first priority, whether it be production/post production for television/film, radio production, music production, live sound reinforcement, or audio…
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A complete up-to-date list of credits and gear is always available on my website. I am happy to travel if the project requires it! Have gear, will travel! References are available upon request. I am an IATSE member, and capable of working as a local in several markets in the South East. If I…
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I'm a location sound mixer with feature film, television, and commercial experience. Based out of Atlanta, GA , but comfortable traveling anywhere on the east coast.
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Specializing in post audio for film/tv. Post Operator Certification on Pro Tools HD8, and experience on numerous short films and documentaries with fx, dialogue, foley, and mix work. Production mixing / boom op experience on a variety of short films, documentary, and commercial work. Trained and…
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I am a production sound person who has worked as a mixer, boom op, and sound utility - usually all three at once! I also do work in post-production and sound design. I have worked on all kinds of projects from corporate interviews to feature-length films.
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