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12 years of production experience. Location Sound, Audio Tech and Post Production Sound. Experience in ENG, reality, documentary, corporate, commercial, infomercial, and feature work. Clients include NBC, ESPN, TruTV, Spike TV, TLC, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, and more.
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Based in Las Vegas, travel ready. Sound Supervisor, Mixer, Recorder. Full ENG package, digital recorders, IFB, wireless mics. 15+ years of experience specializing in Reality TV, Commercial, Film, and Documentary.
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Fast and easy rental of HD camcorders, lighting & grip, jibs, camera stabilizers, production sound mixers & recorders, wireless audio systems, dollies & track. Experienced camera and sound crews available.
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Jeremy A. Settles DP.Cinematographer.Camera Operator. Sound Mixer. Gaffer. G&L 1-5 Ton Truck I grew up in Vegas and have been in production for about 25 years. I have an extensive resume as well a a long list of repeat clients. My additional résumé's follow this one. Skilled, efficient and…
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A-1, A-2, Comms Tech, ENG/EFP Sound recordist for Film/HD/Live Television since 1990. ENG Audio Kits, Multi-track recording rigs, RF Wireless Mics/Intercoms/IFB's for TV Shows, Corporate video, Feature films, Also offering Camera Crews & Equipment. Over 26 years of experience so you know you're…
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Hi, my name is Ryan. I have 13 years of experience in the field of professional audio. I own professional gear and work well with others. I always come to set ready-to-work and truly love what I do. If you have any questions, please contact me.
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Composer I have an extensive library of original compositions including works for full symphony orchestra, full concert band, chamber music, solo instruments, ethnic folk ensembles, as well as electronic ensembles and sequencing. I have experience composing for commercial, film, multimedia, and…
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Audio Engineer, Audio Post Production Engineer Certified Audio Engineer/ Post Production Engineer Brandon Fleisher has created his own studio that caters to all types of talent. Pro Tools 10 with a total of 16 inputs for a wide range of tracking, with an assortment of dynamic and condenser…
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I've been a sound mixer / recordist for over 15 years in Las Vegas. With experience in ENG and documentary and commercial production. Please contact me with any questions! Clients include many national and international companies: ABC News, BBC, BET, CBS, CNN, ESPN, MTV, NBC, PBS, HBO, NBA,…
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Dedicated to enriching and maintaining the integrity of musical compositions of all genres, optimizing sound quality, capitalizing on equipment capabilities, and making high-impact, behind-the-scenes decisions and contributions. Enthusiastic experienced FOH mixing sound engineer with a passion for…
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15 years experience Gear: Sound devices 552 mixer/recorder, 6 channels of lectrosonics hybrid wireless 4 mkh8040 1 mkh8060 8 DPA 4061 1 sanken cos11 2 countryman b6 1 sanken css5 Loon boom 10' pole rycote suspension and wind protection and more. Recent credits Worked as a sound…
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Focused in audio and video acquisition, I have over 10 years of professional videography experience. Background in ENG, commercial production, feature length film production, live sports and live event production for almost all major networks and shows. I also specialize in Behind the Scenes…
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I have worked for industry leaders and independent artists in my 22+ years in the entertainment industry. I currently am engaged in the marketing of my engineering services for various artists as either FOH or MON. Recent Artists include: Aerosmith, Steven Tyler/Joe Perry Projects, America's Got…
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Professional Musician since age 13, private music instructor (Musika certified), music behavior modification music therapist (certified), advanced music theory/composition (certified Faunt School of Music, Studio City, CA), sound/audio engineer live and studio (certified UNLV-Las Vegas), recording…
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Sound recording with or without timecode either to camera or recording device. Boom Op. Location Voice-Overs, or ENG sound. Some of my gear: Digital Deneke Clapper, SD 788T, MKH60 and more. Still pictures: Events, Sports, Landscapes. Work in PHOTOSHOP. I have been doing production video for…
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8 Years experience in Pro Audio/Sound. Have been working 4 years at the Belly Up Aspen, in Aspen Colorado as a Monitor Engineer and FOH Engineer. Belly Up Aspen is a live music venue with over 330 live shows every year. Worked on the Strip as a Monitor and FOH Engineer for two dinner shows in 4…
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Experienced pro sound/audio tech, stage and equipment set up and break down, sound mixing, care in handling equipment, personal relations and experience with musicians of all genres, experienced in all types of venues from clubs, personal shows, personal special events, and large venues in various…
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Very skilled in live audio and video production. Was technical director for major casino in Las Vegas and have also been A1, L1, and many others for many events in Las Vegas.
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Freelance sound engineer for a wide range theatrical shows and corporate events. Extensive knowledge of install, setup and operation of audio systems for theatrical and corporate environments. FOH and monitor mixing for a wide array of events on many digital and analog consoles, operating cue…
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Pro Sound Engineer with over 8 years experience in the live stage environment. Main areas of expertise include front end mixing, monitor mixes, installations, backline, and stage build ups.
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I am an audio engineering. I have worked in theatres, theme parks, and circuses, I sm outgoing, caring anout ,y work, hard working, and enthusiastic about the event industry.
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Over 12 years experience of audio services for television, film, and music productions.
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Royce G. Lagarde a Composer | Sound Designer | Engineer in the Motion Picture, T.V., and Game industries. Royce is a graduate with a B.F.A in Audio Production from Sanford Brown College (formerly I.A.D.T Las Vegas). Throughout his career Royce has always strived to seek out tangible in the field…
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I am an Independent Audio Technician specializing in simultaneous language interpretation. I am currently employed by several translation companies, but I'm always looking to branch out to keep busy. I have worked in many of the hotels and convention centers the Las Vegas area plus I have a…
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