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I've been doing sound for 10 years, and I have a post studio where I edit and mix sound for corporate media and indie film. I know how to get good production sound that cuts well in post, and have the gear and the know-how to make the best sound in any shot. Gear package: Sennheiser 416 shotgun,…
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20yrs. as a professional Sound Mixer for National Infomercials and Commercial spots, Reality TV shows, Independent Features, Documentaries, major Networks and more. Available in MI,OH,PA,MD. Please, visit my website. Have extensive working knowledge of Alexa mini , Alexa, Red epic and Scarlet,…
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SF Bay Area based sound recordist, with 8 years experience in TV, commercial and film production. I own a Sound Devices / Lectrosonics based audio kit. In addition, I do post-production sweetening and VO recording. Clients include HBO, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, NatGeo, DIY, Bloomberg,…
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I am a recent graduate from the university of salford studying professional broadcast techniques, I am flexible and availble to work to your schedule. For the past few years I have been looking to get involved with any media based projects that require any music. I have worked on a few small…
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Audio Engineer and Expert Pro Tools Editor
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A1 audio/sound engineer Over 15+ years of experience Protool, analog & digital consoles, 5. 1 surround. Mix, master,produce cd's Live recording, studio recording, films, tv broadcasting.
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I have extensive audio knowledge and have been mixing and booming for almost 2 years. That said, I have knowledge in areas of camera and lighting as well. I also have a background in theater and photography.
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I am a bilingual Sound Recordist based in Tokyo Japan and Christchurch New Zealand. I am well experienced in various film and Television productions including Commercials, Feature Films, Documentaries and Primetime Reality Television. From a Run and Gun shoot to an extensive commercial set up, I…
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I am a Production Sound Mixer/Sound Recordist/Composer and Recording Studio owner in Eugene Oregon. I have a strong background in music and a degree in recorded music production. My kit includes Sound Devices 633 mixer and 10 track recorder w/ timecode. Lockit boxes, Shotgun mics, Hyper…
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Freelance audio engineer, with experience in audio recording, editing and design. Familiar with both music and film/video formats utilizing Pro Tools, Logic, and Final Cut Pro.
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Professional production sound recordists providing great sound for the Broadcast, Film and Television industry. From the smallest indie shoots to large scale multi-camera TV shows, documentaries, breaking news stories, features and short films, We are hard working and dedicated to the finest…
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Certified Audio Engineer, Location and Studio recording, Post Production Audio, Pro Tools Certified Expert, Boom Operator, Foley, Voice over, ADR / Looping, Sound Design for Film / Video
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I've expereinced audio production for 4 years. For my experience working with audio production, I've operated the audio board for live programs and produced shows. I've also voiced over commercials, and had experience in promotions. On the side, I have experience using the Magix Music software to…
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5+ years experience as Sound Engineer in contemporary music church. Extensive mixing experience on Yamaha M7CL digital and Allen & Heath GL4000 analog boards. Over 300 separate services mixed for main church and student ministry. Church services utilize professional musicians, Pro Tools…
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Note: Please email me at: because there is a chance that i may not see your message through Production Hub. Dear Filmmaker, I'm a sound man with the experience of hundreds shoots responding for your shoot. I have all my own gear and you will hear everything recorded…
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Juma Tayari
Nairobi, Kenya
Located in Nairobi and can travel to anywhere in Africa. I own my own gear and can offer recording services and audio post production. I am five years in to the industry and have experience across the audio industry. Boom swinging and post is my forte.
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I experience in a vast areas from audio, lighting, film and graphic design. I am a fast learner and able to accept criticism well to improve my skills. I currently run audio and lighting for 3,000+ people using industry leading technology. I am always ready to learn and improve my skills in a vast…
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A profesional Cameraman - Sound Recordist - Editor with years of experience in film and commercial work.
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Freelance audio tech. I do production sound, post, theatrical sound designs, music production and live sound with over 20 years of experience.
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Quality Audio Field Mixer... NBC, Access Hollywood; CNN, U2, Larry King; ABC, The View, Good Morning America; CBS, Survivor; HBO Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Warner Bros, Fox... A great worker & a good friend.
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over 20 years in multi-camera features, network episodic, documentary, web, commercial production. Recent clients include: A.Smith&Co., Disney, ElectricEntertainment, Endemol, EchoLakeProductions, Food Chain Films, Hungryman, NBC-Grimm, NuImageMillenium, NxNW Entertainment, Relativity,…
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Palmer currently works under his company Black Dove Audio as a location sound mixer in the San Diego region and can travel to the Sacramento and Bay Area. Only the best audio equipment is used, such as Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Sanken, and Countryman. Past clients have…
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Scott Taylor is a freelance sound engineer that specializes in both location sound mixing/recording and audio post production. With over 6 years of experience in the industry, Scott's worked on numerous productions throughout the greater Toronto area and all across Canada.
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Production Audio Mixer/Editor. Live & Post.
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Experienced location sound mixer, seeking clients that need good sound or sound / lighting help on smaller productions. Personable and reliable.
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Sound Designer for Multiple Media
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Stavros Terlikkas is a Location sound recordist, Sound Designer And Post Production Mixer with many years of experience in the sound recording and mixing industry In Cyprus.
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Post-production, video production and audio engineer freelancing in Minneapolis...
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