With a decade in the stunt industry, specializing in fight choreography, action design, tactical, wirework, rigging, driving and much more. GMS has a team of highly skilled professionals for all your stunt needs.
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Florida Native for 61 years not much I don't know about this area. Extreme Fabrications are our speciality and Weapons ,Firearms and VIP Protection are our forte's. NRA Firearms Instructor NRA Range Safety Officer VIP Transportation also A Speciality
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I'm a professional stuntman, stunt actor, stunt driver, and stunt coordinator. I specialize in stunt driving, pod car driving, camera car work, on/off road racing and anything that has to do with cars.
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SAG-AFTRA Head Wrangler offering experienced film industry horses and riders, modern and 18th and 19th century period correct equipment for English, Western, Cavalry, Native American, civilian and cowboy style, stunt doubles, riding instruction for actors, carriage drivers and period correct horse…
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SAG-AFTRA Stuntwoman with 14 years experience. Double for Jessica Simpson,Hilary Duff,Dakota Fanning, The Olsen Twins, Kelly Ripa and more. Well rounded in all areas of stunt work.
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3rd Generation Stuntman 5’7”/ 145 lbs /D.O.B 11/14/87 / Hair: Brown/ Eyes: Green Height: 5,7" Hair length: Short Shirt: 15x 32.5 Pants: 30 x 31 Jacket: 38R or 40S Shoes: 9 1/2 FEATURES: - The Collection (2011) (Stunt performer/ actor) Stunt…
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I am an actress/stunt performer based out of the Atlanta area. Specialties include high/low falls, firearms, motorcycles, driving, athletic maneuvers, fight choreography, and tumbling.
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Georgia State graduate with a B.A in film and video. I am looking for a full-time job in my field. My main interest stunts and fight choreography. I have trained martial arts for about a decade and have had in interest in video productions since middle school. I also study Chinese and passed…
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David Paul Lord:all around stuntman/stunt coordinator with over 500 credits and 30 years in the stunt biz www.georgiastuntplayers.com
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I am an actor/stunt performer based out of the Atlanta area. Specialties include firearms, motorcycles, driving, athletic maneuvers, fighting, and SFX.
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SAG Stunt man Credits include: The Hard Starter (n/d stunt) Dawsons Creek (2 episodes-Dbl James Van DerBeek and n/d stunt) Dumb And Dumberer (Double Eric Christian Olson) A Walk To Remember (Dbl/High fall,Driving) The Black Night (Fight with Martin Lawrence) EQUIPMENT: Porta-Pit,Fold Out…
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Retired law enforcement criminal investigation and patrol manager seeking any available position to take production to another level.
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I am SAG/AFTRA I have worked on big sets,Small sets,and everything in between. I have done Commercial work,Print work, and some TV spots.Stuntman,Model,Professional Parkour Athlete and Magician.
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I have 5 years training in Tae Kwon Do and over 10 years in Kajukembo (Kenpo), with exstensive training and practice in Fight performances and choreography. For all other production needs, I also serve as Produciton Assistant in many areas including Grip and Camera.
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Main focus is on stunt rigging and water safety, can perform if needed. 10 years experience commercial diving and rigging offshore.
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I have worked on various projects ranging from video games to major motion pictures. I work mostly with swords, and also enjoy working with sports. I have trained with The Ring of Steel; a theatrical stunt group out of Ann Arbor Michigan. I have studied acting in various workshops and 2 years with…
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5' 6" 150 lbs Stunt performer trained in: Wire work/ratcheting Precision driving Stair falls High/low falls Fighting for screen (unarmed, knife and club) Fire Air ram/mini tramp I own my basic armor for stair falls and other dynamic short falls.
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We provide law enforcement technical advising for film and television productions.
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Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator. Resume available upon request. www.scottdalestunts.com
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Professional Wrestler motion capture stuntman and actor stunt actor
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As a passionate and determined individual, my work always takes top priority. Ensuring any task I take on is completed with precision and in the most efficient manner holds importance to me. I value the work I complete whether it be big or small and enjoy the opportunity to take on familiar tasks…
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ISAAC chubb | 678-227-4950 | isaacchubb@aol.com Professional Summary Given my 10 years of coaching Allstar competitive cheerleading. I've learned leadership, how to take responsibility, maturity, self respect, and most of all; respect for others. Being a self taught tumbler for 19 years I've…
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