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I am a cinematographer and owner of Scheimpflug, a grip & lighting equipment rental house based in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. My expertise is in commercials, fashion, music videos, television production, and lighting for 360-degree virtual reality filmmaking. My clients include Pepsi, Macy's, Van Heusen,…
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$25/second and less for STOCK FOOTAGE clips (4K,360VR in 4K, HD and SD) from the library of New & Unique Videos. FREE immediate research! Call NOW 619-644-3000 (24/7). Contemporary and archival images from around the world, including animals, people and more shot from1950s in 16mm film to the…
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Award-Winning Video/Film & Multimedia Production services since 1981*Expert CREWs.Owner Operators,On Time,On Budget.San Diego STUDIO. Call NOW ! 619-644-3000. *HD-4K+;Sony FS7 4K Camera w/many lenses;2 Sony F350 XD-Cams w/21 x lenses,Canon C300, 360Fly & many others.*Interview location video…
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Somar Film & Productions produces polished, engaging content utilizing international partnerships that span the United States and more than 15 countries. Our integrity, versatility, and skill have exceeded client expectations and attracted both Fortune 500 brands and small business alike. With over…
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Transistor Studios is an award winning and internationally known design, animation, live action, and content development studio located in Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX. Our clients range from advertising agencies, networks, and direct brands.
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For over 25 years, we’ve lead the industry through a culture of innovation, bringing state-of-the-art digital production and post-production solutions to our clients. Our group of vertically integrated companies offers end-to-end services including studio facilities, still and video capture,…
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San Diego based Award Winning DP/Camera Operator since 1981, Owner Operator HD to 4K systems Sony FS7 4K camera system & 2 F350 XD-cams, Odyssey 7Q+ Apollo Switcher/recorder, Studio 28' x 18', lights, sound, grip & 2 x 17" Teleprompters, 360/VR/AR, etc. Call 619-644-3000. *Many…
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Based in Hawaii, Salt and Air Studios travels the globe producing aerial and water-based content. Our diverse team enables us to work on a range of projects from feature films, commercials to documentaries. Our engineers work to design and manufacture custom production toys to achieve the directors…
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MediaCombo Productions's principals have 25+ years experience producing shoots for overseas agencies, production companies and broadcasters in the United States and Caribbean. We know what the world’s top creatives and directors need and we give them what they want! MediaCombo also specializes…
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SEATTLE BASED PRODUCTION COMPANY - Corporate, Creative, Commercial, Full Crews, Interviews, FAA Certified Aerial Video, 360 Production, Agencies Love us, Flexible and Nimble - Clients - Yahoo inc., Comcast, Microsoft, Tough Mudder, T-Mobile & more. Our creative team is what makes us stand apart.…
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Looking for an affordable way to enhance your media presence? TCC Technology Studios offers affordably-priced video and audio production studios plus 360 video and VR video services.
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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and accessible around the world, Polar Productions brings its 20 years of combined experience, unique style of storytelling, and cinematic techniques to serve companies in need of high end media content. Serving companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Frito Lay,…
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Driven by imagination. Fueled by curiosity. We are Motion Sickness, a creative studio that brings big ideas to life by fusing story with design and VFX. We believe that awesome storytelling demands bold imagination, tenacious R&D, a rockstar team and strong collaboration.
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Immersive (ih-mur-siv) adj. 1. noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one’s senses. We Humans, love stories. Before there was a written language, our earliest ancestors communicated through imagery on the walls of their cave dwellings. The Egyptians,…
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We produce Concept Art/Storyboarding/Art Direction straight into pre-viz/prod.One-off Props/Practical F/X and a decent 3am sense of humor!
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Iron Solutions is a boutique creative Computer Graphics Agency dedicated to Game Art, 3D modelling, Animation, Illustrations and innovative solution creating for apps, visualizations and growing AR/VR technologies.
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Srushti Creative
Hyderabad, India
Srushti was founded in 2013, with a focus on Visual Effects for Movies and Games. We have now further expanded into offering Immersive Solutions like AR, VR, Projection Mapping and Holographic Projection. We’re excited about the possibilities of Immersive Tech and its various applications across…
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There are several misconceptions about virtual reality and its uses. The most common misconceptions that we hear about are that it is only for gamers and unaffordable; however, these myths couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality of virtual reality is that soon, it will soon be used by…
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We provide these services: 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics,Visual Effects, Video Editing, Greenscreen, Post-Production, Augmented Reality App development, and Unity development. Mission Now looking into the future, Lucky Charm Studio aims to produce amazing work and become great…
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Animatronic Robotic Characters & Professional Puppets made for Theme Parks, Location Based Entertainment and Stages around the world. Digital Characters, VR & AR.
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Greetings, We are a full service production house with Producer, Director of Photography, HD editor, VR shooter and editor, and Crewing Agency at your disposal. Having over 18 years experience serving a wide variety of Corporate, PR, and Non-Profit clients we have a wide array of services and…
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Giant Astronaut specializes in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video experiences. We create immersive design for ad agencies, film studios, brands, and businesses who love creating experiences that wow. At Giant, we believe the best virtual experiences leave a real lasting impact.…
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Yantram Studio
Ahmedabad, India
YANTRAM STUDIO, flourished out as a Global Brand in the world of Imagination and designing. Our Studio strongly represents our decade old arduous journey to become a top class renowned brand for 3D designing, an envy to every studio in the CGI world. At YantramStudio, we proudly offer 3D…
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Semantic Creation specializes in providing economic and effective software services ranging from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality services to mobile and web application development.
Views: 24 - Zco Corporation is one of the largest mobile app development companies in the world, headquartered in Nashua, NH. We are a 24-year veteran in the custom software industry and has built best-selling, award-winning apps generating millions in revenue and national media…
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Joint Animation and Design offers cutting-edge design since they're inception in 2006. Joint Animation and Design has become a driving force in technological design. The company continually breaks through new barriers by providing innovative computer services: web design, 2d/3d animation, virtual…
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