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Abstract Breaking Systems
Toronto, Ontario
Abstract Breaking Systems is a unified group of professional, multi-talented performers who have come together from across Canada to deliver inspiring and limit-shattering performances. ABS's sophisticated combination of acrobatics, hand-balancing, martial arts, parkour, circus arts, and of course…
Chantelle Selkridge
Brampton, Ontario
Hard working, full of charisma, friendly, fit and athletic. I enjoy singing, can pick up basic choreography and have basic pole dancing abilities. I was mvp in basketball, track & field and cheer leading.
Erin Minács
Toronto, Ontario
We are bombarded daily by images. Most recede into the background and we never give them a second thought. I strive to create designs that make a lasting impression on the viewer -- whether it be through pleasing aesthetic or shock factor. Even if you have no idea what look, or even what materials…
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