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Digital Design Village
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Digital video and animation design and production for film, video, internet.
Bo VAnDYke
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I am a graphic designer who is looking for employment. I am about to graduate from Kendall College of Art and Design and I am anxious to start my career.
Erik Jones
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I am a young professional in the field of video and audio production. Proficient in various digital media applications, including the Final Cut Suite, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Pro Tools, my specialization is in post-production. Since graduating with a B.S., emphasis in Sound Design, from…
Joel Marshall
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I’m a 28-year-old husband, artist, and new father, looking for work so that I can fulfill my dreams and take care of my home. Looking for a position that needs me as well as a benefit to a company as I perform needed tasks to meet goals. I bring an honest vibe to the table as well as a great work…
Inkwell Images, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Inkwell Images is a diverse production and distribution company with 40 years of experience in Traditional 2D Disney style animation, as well as video production for educational, industrial, documentary, and entertainment outlets. Services include development, storyboarding, script writing,…
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