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New York, New York

Green Screen New York

Green Screen HD videoproduction, post, VFX and webstreaming
El Segundo, California

Green Screen LA

Our stage is a 15×15 ft seamless green screen cyclorama featuring insulated paneled walls and soundproof sliding glass doors. Not only do we provide a green screen, but we have all the professional amenities you may need. From a green room with wifi access, edit stations, a kitchenette, and a…
London, United Kingdom

Green Screen Soho

Green Screen Chromakey and photographic studios for hire in Soho, London. Pre-lit with Photon Beard low-heat lighting. Floor to ceiling infinity cyc measuring 35ft x 25ft x 35ft. Huge client holding area. Seaparet dressing rooms and make-up facilities. Full post production edit suites. 3D…
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Green Screen Studio | Multi Media

Multi Media Marketing Associates, Inc., offers the South Florida production community a 1,200 sq. ft. green screen studio. For rates and more information, please visit our website. Studio Details • 14’ high x 31’ x 23’ cyc wall green screen • Remote control light grid system with Desisty…
Wilmington, North Carolina

Screen Gems Studios LTD

If you can do it there, we can do it here. This is the largest full service motion picture facility in the United States east of California. Over its 20-year history, EUE Screen Gems Studios North Carolina has been the home to over 300 film, television and commercial productions. Wilmington has…
New York, New York

Screen Gems Ltd.

EUE/Screen Gems is the largest independent film and television studio on the East Coast. We develop engaging content in many formats and build the most ambitious new developments in the frontiers of motion picture production. We operate studio complexes in Atlanta and North Carolina, and provide…
Atlanta, Georgia

Kim Green

Film and Production Analyst
Glendale, California

Brandy Green

I'm an international traveler (forty countries, six continents and over half of the US), published photographer and writer. I've worked in production for theatre, film and television since 2006, and I've also appeared as on-screen talent as both myself and as an actor for local and international…
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