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Paragon Language Services
Los Angeles, California
Paragon has been helping clients big and small break down language barriers and connect with audiences in every language around the world since 1991. Our unique approach to entertainment language solutions ensures that your message is perfectly tailored to the audience you want to reach, wherever…
Global Language Services
Portland, Oregon
With dramatic improvements in communication and technology in recent years, there has been a drastic increase in the necessity for multi-lingual and multi-cultural services locally, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to be the professional resource of choice to handle all of your…
Translations and Localization Agency, professional translation services in more than 100 languages.Including Spanish, German, French, Chinese,Portuguese, Japanese, Russian an many more. From documents, presentations, websites, and contracts to technical and marketing material..
aiDA Language Consultant
Santa Fe, New Mexico
aíDA Language Consultancy is located in Santa Fe NM. We are focused on providing effective Spanish language solutions and customer satisfaction. PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE SERVICES ENG>SPA TRANSLATION - Audiovisual - Ecology - Education - Alternative medicine ENG<>SPA INTERPRETING - Legal -…
American Language Services
Los Angeles, California
American Language Services (AML-Global) - for multi-media, when providing voice-over, dubbing, subtitling, transcription, interpreting, and document translation services, AML-Global has many years of successful experience managing a wide variety of projects. Our skilled and knowledgeable teams are…
Language Services Associates
Horsham, Pennsylvania
Founded in 1991 by Laura K.T. Schriver, who still holds the title of President and CEO, LSA is proud to offer a full range of language translation services and language interpreter services, including Translation and Localization, Video Remote Interpreting, INTERPRETALK® Interpreting by Telephone,…
Language Translation, Inc
San Diego, California
LTI works with over 1,100 language translators, interpreters and localization specialists in more than 40 languages to assist you with all of your language translation, interpretation or localization requirements. Our translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), State…
Language Line Services
Monterey, California
Immediate Access to Interpreters in Over 175 Languages.
No description
CP Language Institute also offers media production services. Our goal is to help you efficiently communicate your message to your target market, regardless of the project demands. Our talented staff is involved in every aspect of planning and producing a finished project of the highest quality. We…
A+ Pavoloni International is professional language firm established in 1985, providing top notch translators,foreign voice talents and directors in all major languages for government, corporations and advertising agencies. Script to audio-visual translations and adaptation to target language.…
The B.A. in Visual Language is a two-year course of studies. Acceptance into the degree program requires a portfolio review, interview, and completition of the requirements and prerequisites of the general Department of Digital Media curriculum. Visual Language is a limited access program;…
Sound Shop, Inc. The
Los Angeles, California
Surround mixing, sound design, ADR, Foley. Located three blocks south of Westwood Village. Language dubbing for films,television,commercials, Subtitling,captioning in all foreign languages
Miami, Florida
CENTAURO knows the art of Language Dubbing. As specialist in the field, CENTAURO knows it takes more than a native English speaker to execute a flawlessly dubbed production. Dubbing demands a unique blend of precise language translation, great character understanding, acting, vocal skills and…
Chiba, Japan
About Studio4word: ・Narration services in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and more. Simple pricing of 1,000JPY (approx $10) per 100 words ・Multilingual translation and editing service 10JPY (10 cents) per Japanese letter, 20JPY (20 cents) per English word ・Only 48 hours between…
Doug Honorof
Long Island City, New York
Expert coaching in accents, dialects and languages for film, TV, commercials, voiceovers and stage productions. Dialogue consulting. Quick turn-around.
Mike Recording Services
Los Angeles, California
Foreign language | dubbing | subtitling | translation | captioning | audio description for markets around the world. We draw on our production and post production expertise whilst applying a dedicated adaptation business model that creates incredible value and flexibility in the transcreation of…
Buenos Aires, Argentina
We are a company dedicated to providing sound services for all types of media. Production, sound design, recording, mixing, mastering, dubbing... any project in which there is sound, we work on it. We have our own recording studios equipped with the best technology and infrastructure to provide…
Split Rock Productions
Vancouver, British Columbia
Our group can manage all forms of dubbing requirements thanks to its new technologies, recording studios and team of translators and voice over specialists. The film dubbing company can be relied on for productions intended for cinema, TV, radio and is well established in its field as a…
Blue 105
Burbank, California
Specializing in Foreign-Language Versions. Distribution: Home Video, Nontheatrical, Television
Soundchef International
Los Angeles, California
Soundchef International consistently produces foreign language dubbing projects in house, maintaining the highest quality standard from beginning to end. With a talent pool of more than 500 actors, directors, translators, lip-sync adaptation specialists, lip-sync audio editors, ADR recordists,…
David Carmona
Nashua, New Hampshire
Teacher, Translator, Instructional Designer. Language learning software experience.
TAJ Productions
New York, New York
With a 25 year track record, TAJ Productions is a leader in Audio Services with a solid track record in Voiceover, ADR, Audio Mixing Music Production, Script Adaptation, Translation, Music Production, and Sound Design. As part of our services comes a specialization in Dubbing to English or any…
Dear Culture
Seoul, South Korea
Dear Culture is Korean-based sound studio for dubbing, voiceover, TTS, Sound Effect. We have 20+ experienced and skilled sound experts. We have achieved numerous works on budget & on time with high quality. From casting to delivery, any kind of your demands will be satisfied with Dear Culture! For…
BKS offers Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Content Localization, and Post Production services in Brazilian Portuguese, Neutral Spanish, English, French, and Italian. With offices and dubbing studios in Miami, Florida, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Chennai, India. BKS is one of the world’s largest…
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