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DDA Medical
Southampton, Pennsylvania
A division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, a pioneer digital advertising agency, DDA Medical is focused on filling the medical advertising, marketing, and promotion needs of clients in the medical industry. DDA Medical utilizes the skills and experiences of degreed designers, writers, and…
SPORE Medical
Huntington Beach, California
SPORE Medical offers full medical and health care video production services that achieve your specific goals and objectives to inform, entertain, and promote your corporation, products, or services.
VenuCare Medical
Los Angeles, California
Production companies often need EMS personnel on site for movies and commercials due to the risk of injury during stunt work, rigging, and aerial work. Our medical personnel have the experience and knowledge to handle any type of situation that may occur during film shoots. We provide onsite and…
Class-Key Chew-Po Commercials
Hollywood, California
No description
Our goal at Blausen Medical is to provide clients the highest quality illustrations of medical and scientific concepts for all digital environments. Products and services include 3D computer animations, interactive CDs, websites, video production, and print materials. Blausen has been building…
Event Medical Solutions Unlimited
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Comprehensive medical services and medical stand by for video productions, photojournalism (Television/Film/Photo), festivals, events and competitions of all sizes. We also serve sporting events, contruction sites, medical escort services (VIP's) and Concerts. We specializing in activities and…
Medical Media Consulting
Savannah, Georgia
Does your screenplay or film set contain medical subject matter, jargon and scenery? I will ensure the most authentic representation of that content within your production budget, enhancing the reader/viewer experience and maximizing viewership. Let’s work together! In active clinical practice…
Medical Film Consulting
Honolulu, Hawaii
Bringing believable on-set realism and accuracy to medicine, surgery, trauma, and medical ethics for theater, film, and television scripts and productions. Casting clearinghouse for physicians, nurses, and paramedical personnel experienced in on-set portrayal of specific or critical medical…
AD Medical Animation & Arts Pvt. Ltd. (ADMAA) has an expert team of animators, illustrators, content writers and professionals in the field of 3D medical animation who are proficient in converting complex science into easily understandable interactive visual media. Team at ADMAA has experience of…
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