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We know that using video production to showcase your business makes you look better to your prospects and customers. We take it a step further by sitting down with you, getting to know you, getting to know your business or product, and learning about what you are offering. Through this, we…
CY Media Productions/ UAV OPTICS
New Brunswick, New Jersey
UAV Optics is an aerial videography and photography service that provides aerial solutions for media, real estate, manufacturing and the energy industry. Our work can be seen on the Travel Channel, commercials and website photography. Check us out at www.uavoptics.com or call Connie at…
HighGround Images, LLC
Phoenix, Arizona
Fully insured and approved by the FAA to offer commercial UAV (drone) services. We provide safe, affordable, fully stabilized 4K aerial videography using leading edge multi-rotor equipment. Let us help you tell your story in 3-dimensions! Please contact us to discuss your next project.
Dreauxn Films LLC
Sterling, Virginia
Dreauxn Films specializes in aerial imagery services, capturing photographs and videos at low altitudes and in high resolution. By using unmanned drone aircraft as our camera platforms, we combine GPS satellites, high resolution and gyro-stabilized cameras to capture amazing images for real estate,…
Motion Media
Cape Coral, Florida
Realty 3D® is a proprietary technology for presenting video home tours to potential buyers and sellers as a unique theatrical experience in 2D or stereoscopic 3D. Digital imaging technologies like time lapse, high dynamic range (HDR), panoramic imagery, stereographic 3D, unmanned aerial vehicles…
Paris, France
CONDOR is a drone operator company established in Paris, France. We provide aerial view by drone (photography, film and video UHD). Drones and pilots are registered and approved by the french Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGAC). We offer at least 4K filming and 16MP photos with drone…
The Hatchwork
Omaha, Nebraska
High quality aerial photography and cinematography. Fully LEGAL. FAA Certified Pilot, Registered UAV's and Section 333 exempt. 1-3 person crews for small or large scale jobs.
Most recently, in June 2014, Linda Colón became Executive in Charge of Production for Roscoe Stanley Productions. She is responsible for seeing productions through from beginning to end. Her role serves various administrative aspects, including hiring and overseeing cast and crew, maintaining a…
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