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Vanishing Point Media
Los Angeles, California
VPM is a multiple award winning virtual reality production company committed to creating and cultivating high quality immersive content. We are storytellers pushing the medium forward and filmmakers with the technical expertise to help others create top tier content in this exciting new space.
Ten Stories
San Diego, California
Ten Stories is a full service production and post-production company located in San Diego and Hollywood, Ca. We specialize in creating unique, innovative and compelling content for campaigns, broadcast, trade shows, and the web. We are visual authors. Our primary objective is telling stories. It…
Halo Media Works
San Francisco, California
We are Halo Media Works, a full-service 3D animation production studio. We are here to see to any of your creative VFX, Illustration and animation needs. Our talented staff of artists have seasoned experience in the field for many years within many different industries. Clients big and small we try…
James Betteridge
North Hollywood, California
2D/3d Visual Effects Artist
Matt Johnson
North Hollywood, California
Compositor/Visual Effects Artist Experienced in 2D and stereo 3D compositing using both After Effects and Nuke on several film and TV projects.
Pixel Magic / OCS
North Hollywood, California
Pixel Magic is unique among visual effects facilities. A combination of traditional film knowledge with digitally created data provides clients with the highest quality and most cost effective results in the industry.
Hollywood, California
From network branding campaigns to spectacular photo-realistic effects, to an elegant treatment of a simple logo, REZN8 creates emotion and wonder in the mind of the beholder.
Jim Lion
West Hollywood, California
If you need stunning environments done on a low budget, I'm your guy. Natural landscapes, computer animated characters, editorial and sound mixing. I offer a turnkey solution from start to finish.
Art Clique
North Hollywood, California
My name is Dyana and I have been a successful freelance designer, art director and business consultant based in the Los Angeles area for the last 13 years. Through out this journey, I have had the privileged of developing working relationships with numerous talented artists and, realizing their…
Carl Vogler
North Hollywood, California
I currently reside in North Hollywood. I have worked on episodic television, feature films, motion comics, and web based series. I am always willing to learn new things. I am very personable, and enjoy working in a fast paced collaborative environment with other artists. I am actively looking for…
Armen Hovsepyan
North Hollywood, California
Designer with experience
David Schwartz
North Hollywood, California
I am an animation director, storyboard artist and character designer for the tv animation industry. I have worked at all the major studios.
Erica Hornung
West Hollywood, California
Motion Graphics / Visual Effects
Matt Oldfield
North Hollywood, California
3d Generalist Artist with the experience and ability to create assets in 3d computer graphics in a variety of software for Film, Television, Animation and Print. Specializing in Character Rigging and Animation, Motion Capture, Modeling, and Dynamics as well as digital compositing and post effects
Lorena Rother
North Hollywood, California
I have recently finished my graduate studies in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I have professional experience as a character animator for feature films and TV shows. My job also involved working in previs and camera layout.
Catherine Lefebvre
North Hollywood, California
An experienced and detail oriented Production Coordinator in Animation. Experience in both 2D and 3D/CG Animation production.
Corey Wilmot
Hollywood, Florida
I enjoy animation and its many forms, whether it's used to tell a simple story or to build an extravagant advertisement. I've worked on various educational simulations, fabricated web designs, animated shorts, and programmed multiple applications focused on computer graphics. I hope to contribute…
Victor Boto
North Hollywood, California
I am an exceedingly hard working CG engineer, 3D artist and UI/UX designer with a great imagination and attention to detail. I specialise in concept design, 3D modelling, texturing and animation with a strong background in computer graphics and Image processing. With six years of experience…
Eugene Conniff
North Hollywood, California
I have a BFA in Animation, which includes traditional art training, such as anatomy, form, composition, color theory, and other fundamentals, along with field-specific skills like timing, keyframing, posing, sense of physical motion, anticipation, and squash-and-stretch. I have had over eight…
Ahmed Soliman
Hollywood, California
Ahmed Soliman is a Los Angeles based animation and film director. After finishing his B.A in animation at the High Cinema Institute in Cairo, he began his career in animation, film and TV. His rich experience has led him to an extensive range of creative projects, with clients in the Middle-East…
Travis Eberhard
North Hollywood, California
Hi, I'm Travis. I've been in LA for almost a year, but have had 13 years working int he film industry. I have a Bachelors in Film Production. I love to draw. I love animation and all things creative. And I'm kind of a fun guy to work with.
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