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Jordan Halland
Coeur D Alene, Idaho
I am a freelance filmaker specializing in producing, directing, writing and cinematography. I have over 15 years experience in every aspect of production. My philosophy has always been to say yes, even if scares the hell out of me. Because of this I traveled the world and took jobs that made me…
David Church
Galesburg, Illinois
I have a few years experience in making films/videos. I graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, in 2018. Since 2011, I have been making short films, and since 2015, I have been a freelance videographer. I have experience in several film departments,…
Katherine Niemczyk
New York, New York
I'm a documentary filmmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. I've produced two documentaries and I've worked in television, in both the studio and in production. I'm motivated and creative - I love photography and I enjoy telling stories. I'm willing to go on camera, but love to shoot, edit, and write. I'm…
Jack Dodson
Brooklyn, New York
Freelance videographer / documentarian in Brooklyn, NY.
Justin Phillip
Glendale, California
Working in the film industry since 2010. Have created award winning content that has played at AMC & Laemmle theaters. Overall film artist. Owner, Director at DogTimes Productions and Dynamic Reels.
Tommie McSweeney
Sydney, Australia
Behind the Scenes Documentarian
Will Henry
Los Angeles, California
Producer/Director/Writer based in Los Angeles, CA Award-winning filmmaker and writer Producer/Writer of THE HIGH FRONTIER: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neill
Craig Shannon
Waltham, Massachusetts
Freelance Camera Operator and Camera Assistant. Music Video DP, Commercial DP. Documentary Camera Operator. Experience with RED, F3, ALEXA, 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm. Most prosumer products by Sony and Panasonic, including EX camera series and AF-100. Experience with all DSLR camera systems by…
Ryan Alan Halsey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Strong knowledge and proficiency with professional cinema and video camera system operations; advanced lighting design; power distribution; rigging applications. Mac and PC operating systems; video editing techniques; Avid; Final Cut Pro; Adobe Premiere Pro; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe After Effects;…
Simon Brubaker
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland area video producer, shooter, editor and still photographer. Looking for freelance video production and still photography work.
Artica Films
St. Louis, Missouri
STL based Video Production Company specializing in documentaries and corporate video. We are a collaborative of filmmakers and storytellers with a diverse collection of talents and skillsets to help to tell the most engaging stories. WE TELL STORIES WE CARE ABOUT, FOR PEOPLE WE CARE ABOUT.
Sammy Njoroge
Nairobi, Kenya
Photographer and Cinematographer, with over 6 yrs of experience in both documentary photography and film in Sub-Saharan Africa. My work involves a lot of working with different organisations (mostly NGOs & privately owed companies) to help tell stories in the most effective ways possible.
Alexis Duran
San Diego, California
Alexis Duran is an award-winning filmmaker and educator residing in San Diego, CA. As the founder of Oxford&Claire Productions, he’s filmed and directed short documentaries for clients such as: OnlyGoodTV, Barcroft Media(Truly) and BBC Three. Alexis has a background in television news broadcasting…
John Donica
Tokyo, Japan
John Donica is a professional cinematographer/director based in Tokyo. Founder of SomniumFilm studio. He works on documentary and fiction films, music videos, commercials, narrative videos. He have been to many international film festivals and have been awarded for: - Nominated for the…
Chuck Green
Boston, Massachusetts
I'm an experienced and completely reliable DP and videographer, 2012 New England Emmy winner, and an easy person to work with. I've done work for broadcast and cable tv networks, corporations and non-profits of all sizes, colleges & universities, and documentaries, filming commercials and…
M. Christian Rector
Vancouver, Washington
Freelance documentarian and sports videographer
Bobby Simmons
Charlotte, North Carolina
Multi-Media Digital Designer Proficient with all phases of the production process, Adobe Creative Suite, AVID, animation, motion graphics, high quality digital imagery and workflows. Developing network…
Hai-Tao Wu
Brooklyn, New York
Versatile DP and Cameraman with over nine years of experience working in narrative, documentary, commercial, and news programs. Owner of Sony F5, Canon 5D, Steadicam, & a range of Lighting equipment. His latest documentary "HEARTLAND" has won numerous festival awards, including Best Documentary…
Jacek Kropinski
Beverly Hills, California
Editor, Colorist, Sound Designer, Audio Mixer, Compressionist, Finisher, On-line editor, Specialist in Film Marketing, Sizzles, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary - Story and Creative Editing, Color Correction, Sound Design and Mix, Compositing, Graphics, Encoding, DCP Creation, Ambisonics surround…
Sophie Rousmaniere
Austin, Texas
I work with a dedicated team to create broadcast documentaries and content Marketing strategies for small businesses. I am an independent producer, experienced editor and director of documentary films. My team includes dedicated sound professionals, marketing wizards and creative writers. I own hd…
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