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Film Music Institute
Burbank, California
The Film Music Institute offers professional education courses in Los Angeles, New York and other locations designed specifically for the film and television music industry. Our courses are updated every quarter to reflect the latest innovations and knowledge present in the industry about the art,…
The objective of the Norwegian Film Institute is to preserve, support and distribute Norwegian and foreign films, so that film as an expression of art and culture becomes more visible.
Danish Film Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Danish Film Institute is the national agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture and for conserving these in the national interest. The Institute's operations extend from participation in the development and production of feature films, short and documentary…
Seattle Film Institute
Seattle, Washington
Since its founding in 1994, the Seattle Film Institute has achieved renown as a hands-on film school. Whether your interest is Film/HD production, digital video, documentary, screenwriting, film history, editing, or directing -- there’s a place for you in our part-time classes, or in the Total…
Hollywood Film Institute
Los Angeles, California
HFI was founded in 1988 for the sole purpose of giving working adults the crucial information they needed to produce, direct or write without wasting 4 years and $80,000 at a theory-laden film school.
Coruway Film Institute
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
We have created hundreds of hours of media that has been seen, quite literally, around the world. We cut our teeth on long format documentaries for public television and independent distribution that taught us how to listen carefully to the stories people tell. Our signature is to bring the…
Omnitech Institute
Decatur, Georgia
Student Placement Department: Advises students on interviewing techniques and personal development. Contacts graduates after graduation to determine their professional development and to provide additional assistance if desired. The Career Services office will assist the graduate in putting…
DigiPen Institute
Redmond, Washington
DigiPen Institute of Technology is a teaching institution focusing on graphics, image processing, 2D and 3D rendering.
MediaTech Institute
San Diego, California
Full Audio and Recording Arts Education Programs Full Digital video Production Education Programs Film School Production and Recording Facilities
The Happiness Institute
San Francisco, California
The Happiness Institute offers affordable studio and coworking space in the heart of San Francisco. Our studio space features a green screen, full HVAC system, and sound-dampening walls.
Sundance Institute
Beverly Hills, California
No description
American Film Institute - West Coast
Los Angeles, California
The only national arts organization devoted to film, television and video, The American Film Institute serves as a point of national focus and coordination for the many individuals and institutions concerned with the moving image as art. Institute programs emanate from the AFI campus in Los Angeles…
MPI offers a one year hands on film production training program. With tuition under $12,000 it is by far one of the most affordable film schools in the country. We now offer a 32-Week Actors Program in addition to our 1 Year Film Certificate Program. Course offerings include: Directing,…
The Africa Digital Media Institute is a leading creative media and technology training institution offering courses at the certificate and diploma levels. A truly pan-African institution, ADMI hosts students from Kenya, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda at its Nairobi…
California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, California
The program in Film & Video provides artists with a dynamic laboratory for producing new forms of narrative, documentary and experimental work in both film and video. Our internationally renowned Programs in Experimental Animation and Character Animation give students an excellent foundation in…
Atlanta Institute of Music
Atlanta, Georgia
AIM has been training professionals in the Music Industry for over 25 years. Please feel free to contact if you have an opportunity for a Guitar player, Drummer, Bass player or Audio Engineer.
Art Institute of Portland
Portland, Oregon
Creative careers begin here at The Art Institutes. Creative people who want an edge when it comes to launching their careers also begin here. That's because creativity takes talent, determination, and legwork. At The Art Institutes, you'll be challenged to develop your ideas and push yourself and…
Undergraduate programs in LL&C provide students with the multidisciplinary education that is essential for leadership in an "information society," a society that is rapidly being transformed by new communication processes and technologies. Building on Rensselaer''s strong technological…
The IEEE and its predecessors, the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) and the IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers), date to 1884. From its earliest origins, the IEEE has advanced the theory and application of electrotechnology and allied sciences, served as a catalyst for…
The Movie Institute (or "MI") is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of young people for positive character growth and successful career development by providing mentoring and training for success. The Movie Institute also produces professional digital films and…
New not for profit organization that promotes Financial Literacy for American citizens.
The New England Institute of Art
Brookline, Massachusetts
A creative arts college where we teach Digital Film & Video, Audio production and other majors. As the Career Advisor with The New England Institute of Art I work with the Digital Film & Video students and graduates to assist them in finding internships, and full-time jobs upon graduation.
THE DISCOVERY INSTITUTE The Discovery Performing Arts Institute’s mission is to remain a school that accepts all people—from around the globe—and afford them the opportunity to go on a journey of discovering their God-given talents in the arts and entertainment industry. Furthermore, we are…
Specialized Hands-On training in TV & Film Production, AVID editing, On-Camera Talent & Reporter training, Radio Broadcasting and Photography & Design for Print Layout and Web Design.
Media — whether film, video, or newer digital technologies — are not simply techniques, but, more broadly, the defining elements of our culture and society. In recognition of this, the Department of Film, Video, and New Media was created from two previously separate departments, film and video. For…
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