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Sam Loper
Portland, Oregon
Maryland Institute College of Art Graduate 2010 BFA in Video and Film Arts Proficient with software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, iStopMotion Proficient with equipment Including Traditional 35mm Photography, Digital Photography, 16mm Moving…
Ryan Douglass
Portland, Oregon
Video editor with extensive background in network TV, film trailers, documentaries and corporate branding. Portland, OR based. Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Final Cut Pro and After Effects. I also shoot and direct video segments and interviews.
Bernardo Pantoja
Portland, Oregon
A former documentary series editor and current freelance post production generalist is located in Portland, OR. With a focus on editing and experience in music videos, online non-narrative adverts, outside broadcasting postproduction for music festival and Pre, Pro and Post of a documentary…
William Schultz
Portland, Oregon
My name is William Schultz and I am a commercial film and video editor. Vastly experienced in today's latest online/offline workflows spanning multiple NLE's, and associated compositing tools. Fluent in the art of on-screen storytelling, bringing the message to the masses in the quickest, most…
Adam Henry
Portland, Oregon
Adam Henry has been producing and editing (unscripted television, documentaries, promos, featurettes, web series, comedy sketches and films) in Los Angeles, CA & Portland, OR since 2005. Having both extensive field and post experience, Adam is comfortable in any situation whether it be on location,…
Cody Liesinger
Portland, Oregon
I'm a freelance editor based in Portland, OR. I believe in hard work, creative collaboration, real characters, and real stories. Forging relationships with directors, producers, agencies, and all like-minded creatives is how I continue to tell those stories.
Enrique Flores Roldan
Hillsboro, Oregon
International level Producer, Director and Editor focused in creating narrative content for fiction and documentary motion pictures, marketing and corporative video for different platforms. Starting his career in Mexico City and graduating in San Francisco, CA, Enrique continued to grow in Los…
Eve Hansen
Beaverton, Oregon
Creative editor with over 15 years experience. I love a new project. Interested in editing or creating VFX/GFX for anything from weddings to films.
Kelly Butler
Portland, Oregon
Freelance Production Assistant looking to learn & serve. I just graduated from college and moved to LA to pursue my dream of working in film. I'm new, eager and willing to work harder than anyone else to reach my goals and live the dream I've always wanted.
Don Andrews
Portland, Oregon
I have been working in film and video for 5 years now. In that time I have edited several short films, internal promotional videos for major corporations, and spent the last 2 years working as an assistant editor on a stop-motion animated feature film that hits theaters later this year. There…
Brandon Baity
Portland, Oregon
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Videographer living in Portland. I am many other things as well. The sum of parts gamer, sports fan, car lover, and sci-fi nerd. But at heart, I'm a storyteller and I enjoy making movies. My name is Brandon Baity and I have been editing for nearly 12 years now. I…
Paul David Benedict
Portland, Oregon
I am a director, writer, and producer living in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2007. I became a filmmaker because I believe in the power of story… to transport, to transform, to heal. Every story, whether large or small, has the ability to make change. Since 2007, I’ve…
Darren Costello
Portland, Oregon
AVID/FCP Video Editor - Freelance/Contract
Kyle Glenn
Portland, Oregon
Kyle has been working in Film Production for ten years. He is a Shooter/Director/Editor, comfortable completing a project on his own, or as part of a larger team. He enjoys all aspects and roles in film making, but especially enjoys the collaboration that it comes with. He truly believes when…
Garrett Edquist
Falls City, Oregon
Freelance PReDiTOR (Producer/Director/Editor) based in the Pacific Northwest. Any shot. Anywhere. Any time. Working fast and light with minimal equipment allows me to step in close, get the shot as it happens, and then keep on going for miles. I love telling stories built on strong human…
Todd Baize
Portland, Oregon
I chose a career in Entertainment/Media with the hope of making a positive difference in my community and beyond. My goal is to create and be a part of media projects that are not only entertaining, but also educational and thought-provoking. I do freelance television and film production work…
Joshua Young
Portland, Oregon
HD, 2k, 4k & 3d Editor
KC Cory Touschner
Portland, Oregon
KC Cory Touschner is a filmmaker based in Portland, OR, with midwest roots. Their work has been broadcast on KQED and screened at New Orleans Film Festival, SFDocFest, Marfa Film Festival, Citizen Jane Film Festival and more. KC has previously worked with the Cleveland International Film Festival…
Tim Getting
Portland, Oregon
I am a Portland-based videographer with 10+ years experience in video production. Proficient with ENG cameras and most video editing software. My most recent experience was a camera operator/field producer for COPS. My resume and work samples can be found at www.timgetting.com
Anthony Karis
Portland, Oregon
Final Cut Pro Editor
Mary Matthews
Portland, Oregon
Producer/Director/Editor/Writer for television and digital media.
Darren Aboulafia
Portland, Oregon
Multimatic Solutions is a full-service video and audio production company located in Northeast Portland. Owned and operated by Darren Aboulafia, I bring a dedicated, professional, detail-oriented mindset to your creative project. My website contains extensive work history, utilizing…
Brian Clark
Portland, Oregon
Visual storytelling has been my passion since I first pushed that record button on a high8 camcorder in the 1980s. Since then, I’ve put that passion to work with more than 10-years of experience as a video producer, editor, photojournalist and reporter at several television affiliates and a…
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