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Corey McDaniel
Union City, Tennessee
Production Manager at a local TV station. I am a one-man video crew that is experienced in pre-, during and post-production. I normally film local governmental meetings and produce a daily local newscast and weekly talk show.
Kisung Lee
Union City, California
SBE engineer with 10+ years of experience in Broadcast business. Job titles includes; Technical Director for 5th market newscast, Post Production editor, Broadcast Engineer.
Timathe Author
Union City, Georgia
Timathe Author is an independent arthouse filmmaker & CEO of 85 Story Films with over 10 years of production experience. There are many investment opportunities for investors available through his company. As a expert writer and aspiring film director, he is working towards arthouse film quality…
Chad Lang
Union City, New Jersey
Chad Lang specializes in photo/video production and also has a strong background in marketing/advertising.
Giancarlo Bauzulli
Union City, New Jersey
I have had the great opportunity to experience a documentary style production traveling through the country of Italy. This particular production gave me a good insight on interviewing, working run and gun, and efficiently communicating with my small production team. In addition I recently had the…
Brandon Osborn
Union City, New Jersey
My name is Brandon Osborn.  I have been writing, directing, shooting, editing, and producing video for over 7 years using both HD and SD cameras and Final Cut Pro.  I am comfortable working under tight deadlines, and have over 4 years experience managing a production/media team where we produced…
John Jay Hebert
Union City, New Jersey
In my capacity as Director of Media for Ultrastar Entertainment and Live Nation over the past four years, I have been responsible for the production of ad spots, artist interviews, webisodes, B-roll footage and feature length and documentary DVD’s. As a versatile content and film producer I have…
Stefan Fernandez
Union City, New Jersey
Director of Photography/ Camera Operator
William Gabel
Union City, New Jersey
With my years of experience in the film and television industry, my goal is to expand my knowledge and leverage experience to all areas of the business. As a studio projectionist & audio visual tech in post-production and studio screening operations, I have had the opportunity to handle different…
Specializing in fashion, glamour, editorial, commercial photography and video production. Sapphire Studios is available for video production studio rental in New Jersey. Cyclorama walls (1) white 25 ft. x 21 ft. width and (1) black 16 ft. x 18 ft. width with 13 ft. ceiling. Special discounts for…
Eloy Musso
Union City, New Jersey
video production company. music videos. commercials. short/feature films. photography. editing
Daniel Goodman
Union City, New Jersey
As a storyteller I work with you to ensure that your story is told in a way that delivers impact and creates a connection with the viewer. I can take a concept to completion, from turning a basic concept into a full story and then depending on needs and budget, I can take it through every step…
Andrew Boer
San Jose, California
Video Editor / Cameraman / San Jose, CA A video producer with dynamic experience evoking emotionally and visually stimulating films. Whether the project is to market a new product, capture invaluable memories, or present another artist's talent through film, Andrew will ensure he engages the…
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