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Josh Groft
Charlotte, North Carolina
An innovative and versatile customer service professional and video developer, with a record of achievement in the retail and higher education sector. Brings a strong work ethic, commitment, resilience, and purpose to all dealings along with effective problem solving and communication skills that…
Kate Mayer
Los Angeles, California
Submitting and pitching clients for projects, liaison with production and casting, reviewing releases and contracts, rolling calls, implementing procedures to improve efficiency, interviewing potential clients, managing interns, maintaining schedules, script coverage, liaison for international…
Evan Kornfeld
Los Angeles, California
Graphic designer. I am an expert in Photoshop and Illustrator. I am also skilled in HTML and CSS. I am also familiar with Flash. I am a graduate of the University of Oregon, where I studied Digital Arts and Art. I have experience working as a Webmaster and graphic designer for the Department of…
John Wright
Dixon, California
I should make you laugh. I am a comedy screenwriter registered with WGA/w. I have an associate's degree in Film and Television from Solano Community College. When you read John Lewis Wright just begin to chuckle and soon enough I'll walk by seemingly aloof. I donno what it is. People seem to…
Jennifer Pradhan
Duluth, Georgia
My background includes and is not limited to post digital editing and graphics for TV production, illustration, and design. I'm proficient in editing using Premiere Pro and have great experience with other Adobe products such as After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. I bring an…
Marianna Torres
San Antonio, Texas
I want to work in an environment that is quality driven; where I can continue to learn and improve. I want to work among colleagues who are as equally hard working as I am; that communicate to improve the efficiency and standard of our working experience. I want to feel my dedication is returned…
Moira Capotosti
Rome, Italy
I'm researching Internship in USA - July / August 2013 Dubbing & Traffic Coordinator Secretary and coordinator of the creative department - Coordination of input and output materials (which is tapeless tape by Aspera, DigiDelivery, FTP); - Budget and estimates; - Management of translators…
Andrew Higgins
Los Angeles, California
Motivated, enthusiastic problem-solver with a desire to work in post-production. I have strong verbal and written communication skills. as well as a positive energy and a passion for creativity. I am willing to go the extra mile to get a task done; when I start something I want to see it through…
Duality Sound
Tampa, Florida
Working over industry standards, our skills and experiences will deliver the highest quality sound recorded on set. By hiring us satisfaction is guaranteed. Also, we can arrange a package deal for both Sound Mixer and Audio Post Production involving: ADR, Foley, sound mixing and mastering,…
Norma Jean
Newport Beach, California
Multi-Talented Character Actress with also doubles as a Stand-In, PA and Casting Assistant! Multi-tasker, high energy, ready to rock n' roll! I do VO Too! http://voice123.com/normajean https://www.voices.com/people/MsNormaJean
Nunya Beckley
Montreal, Quebec
Production Manager Event Coordinator Tour Manager Travel Arrangements and Coordination Supplier sourcing Project Managing Production Coordinator Field Producer
Juzar Fancy
Pune, India
Looking for an opportunity in the field of editing and VFX in an organization that provides growth in my career by utilizing my skills to strive for extreme commitment and high quality work output and to be a part of a motivating, stimulating work culture.
Ariel Jackson
New York, New York
My objective is to use and enhance my software and technical skills as well as develop new ones. I work well as a team and independently. I am determined to continue developing my organizational, interpersonal, and multi-tasking skills in order to allow me to grow professionally and personally.
Jacquelyn Dienst
Sanford, Florida
creative, inteligent, experienced, full of fresh ideas
Jescilia Karayamparambil
Mumbai, India
Experienced and worked as journalist in television and new media, now I would like to work in pre and post production, using my journalistic skills i have attained. I have experience with camera-handling a skill of a video journalist and also strong hold in writing skills.
Mira Mladenova
Sofia, Bulgaria
A video specialist with over 9 years of experience in all aspects of video production, highly passionate about developing my career in the field of Post-production. It was 2008 when my career started in TV production like Video Editor. In 2014th I've joined a Worldwide FX's team in a world of…
Fatih Öger
Vienna, Austria
Experienced Post Production Manager, Editor, and Colorist with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Post Production, Commercial, Music Videos, Camera, Film, and Documentaries. Strong operations professional with a Master's degree focused in cinema and…
Ashley Prikryl
Glendale, California
Growing up in Ohio, I was always designing and decorating my world around me, this is why when it came time to choose, I opted for art school. During that time I was able to study many different mediums and focus most of my attentions on photography and design. I moved out to California in…
Russell Imrie
Arlington, Virginia
Experienced in computer graphics, CAD/CAM, video, social networking. Organizationally focused.
Dartanyon Race
Seattle, Washington
I'm an experienced DIT, loader, and media manager. I've been working commercial sets for the last 10 years and providing digi -tech services to still shoots for the decade before that. Familiarity with Arri, RED, Sony & DSLR work flows. I've been pulled into acting as an AC, doing VTR work, and…
John Mark Alston
Brooklyn, New York
John Mark Alston is a Digital Media Editor currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He has experience cutting fiction short films, documentaries, commercials and reels. He cuts as a storyteller and writer, helping to shape a director's vision for the story.
Josh Johnson
Lakewood, Colorado
I'm new to the industry and seeking freelance work in the camera department. I worked on two short films as a PA last year and would love to break into full time freelancing in 2019. When I'm not on the job, I can be found roaming gravel roads in the West in my 1994 SunLite pickup camper, taking…
Ryan Liebert
Los Angeles, California
I tell stories through fluid rhythmic visual movement mixed with sound and paced for effect. It doesn't matter if the story is :30 seconds or 90 minutes. Emotion trumps all.
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