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Screenplay Factory
Los Angeles, California
I am a STORY IDEA or BOOK to SCREEN expert and will help you get it onto the screen for free when hired. I am an award winning screenwriter and film producer for HIRE. For FREE: ALL my contacts/ help with FILM PRODUCTION, festivals, pitching, Agents, promotion...I am on IMDb. On IMDb! Do you…
Screenplay Coverage by a team of professional screenplay readers. Affordable. Also provide training for screenplay readers.
Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest
Los Angeles, California
The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest is an international screenwriting competition dedicated to discovering and showcasing the work of the world’s best new emerging screenwriters in the city globally recognized as the center of the movie and television industries. We celebrate and share your…
BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Hollywood, California
Since 1998, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has provided a community for up-and-coming screenwriters to develop their work. The 2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition is open for submissions! http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/2019-call-for-entries/ BlueCat accepts feature screenplays,…
Arch Drinnen
Corvallis, Oregon
Having been in the business for ten years, I currently work with CAM films located here in Corvallis, OR. My life has changed as I'm preparing to embark on shooting a short web-series here in and around the Corvallis area. Having completed three short films while living in Albuquerque, NM, I…
Pamela Okpala
Lagos, Nigeria
I am a creative story teller and the creator of the fablingverse. If you need a professional, industry standard script, please contact me.
Morgan Gullett
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Casting, Writer, Producer, Actor, Director. Co-owner of MG Entertainment, I live near Indy but will work anywhere. While I am young, my productions have already won more than 16 film festival awards, accolades, funding grants and press coverage. I have also won two entrepreneur grants.…
Marc Prey
Milford, Michigan
Marc Prey is a professional screenwriter with more than a dozen film and television credits to his name. These include such titles as "Mail Order Monster" (2018), “The Sex Trip” (2017) and “Paid in Full” (2016).  Marc has sold or optioned more than 30 of his screenplays, and his work has won a…
Eva Pilch
Los Angeles, California
I published Through My Eyes, a book on philosophical poetry and photography, as well as a fiction called Daydreams which I have available as a screenplay. My latest book is called Nightmares. I have been published in Different Voices, an international magazine, and Lumpen Magazine. I wrote articles…
SA Brown
Atlanta, Georgia
As a freelance writer and film editor, I can be the opener and closer for your project. I can take your idea from script to screen. Personal Logline: I write female-led stories for the forgotten Generation X representing the diversity and inclusion needed in entertainment much like Shonda Rhimes…
Nicholas Marshall
Chicago, Illinois
I recently earned my Master's Degree in Screenwriting from Birkbeck College, University, with a minor in Film Practice Studies Tufts University. Most work I've done in film has been through university education, including making short films for classes and writing and evaluating screenplays. My…
Darin Goldsberry
Mombasa, Kenya
I am a U.S. citizen who teaches, and mentors, screenwriters based off of American scriptwriters. I love teaching screenwriting, and creative storytelling, more than anything in the world, and will teach anyone, regardless of experience, who wants to learn how to write a screenplay. I was born…
Matthew Wrobel
Chicago, Illinois
Writer and Director with crew, pre & post-production experience. I've worked on short-films of all different kinds as an Assistant Director, Script supervisor, writer, director, editor, and Locations Manager. I dabble in experimental work, and am really interested in crafting films that technically…
Chaitanya Kulkarni
Pune, India
International projects: 1. Screenwriter and Brand manager at RealIzvest Communications LLC, Colorado, USA 2. Owner at ScriptEagles, script consultation company 3. Completed internship at Eclectic Pictures, LA. Home Projects: 1. Writer-director for many successful stage plays and theatrical…
Victoria Keffer
Aubrey, Texas
I’m a scriptwriter and creator/executive producer of "Declaration," a half-hour comedy series in pre-production. Declaration - Pilot episode - Nominated for Best TV Pilot/Limited Series, Content2020 - Semifinalist, 2021 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition Screenplay: The Vicar Takes A…
Carl Spencer Krendel
Kennesaw, Georgia
I´m a writer. I have been successful in research and news as an undergraduate, and after earning a degree in English Language and Literature, I have moved on to writing scripts and books.
Darryl Kravitz
East Hartford, Connecticut
I am a professional writer with over 25 years experience in the industry. I have written for DC Comics Scooby-Doo and have written (7) live and animated TV pilot scripts 3 of which have audio pitches. I have written 2 screenplays and co-authored 2 screenplays as well. I am looking to work with…
Justin Gloyd
Las Vegas, Nevada
It’s pronounced “Gloid,” like Lloyd with a “G.” Justin Gloyd is a writer and artist currently residing in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV in the United States. He has always created and drawn characters and stories with a spark and life to them since he could remember picking up a pencil. He has…
"Trapped in God's maze of trials; bearing our cross of flesh; the choices we make defining who we are." Optionable: 1. "Caged Gods" a screenplay on our role, as living machines, inside the time-generating material machine - we call our Universe. 2. "Linda Lynda" a Manga-style graphic…
Jon Stanley
Los Angeles, California
I am an aspiring filmmaker, writer and I recently moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing my career in film. Since I was 14 I have been passionate about film and motivated to make it my goal to work in the film industry. I have worked on a number of music videos and short films as well as…
Georgia Borrero
Miami Beach, Florida
Screenplay Writer.
R. Lee Brown
Orlando, Florida
Whether it’s fact or fiction or marketing (which, let’s face it, is really a careful and clever combination of the first two), creative storytelling has been my life’s passion. I have built a career from crafting effective, engaging stories for clients, corporations, and characters: from the…
Tim Porosky
Katonah, New York
Extremely passionate and self-motivated with an eye for detail. Strong background in creative writing, editing, researching and script writing/reading. Finished three feature-length screenplays and one short. Have written, filmed, edited and acted-in more than twenty short videos.
Richard Opoku
Bronx, New York
I'm a newbie with the skills of writing screenplay.
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