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Pacific Palisades, California
ALL-STOCK is a new company with lots of experience. As a sister company to Action Sports/Scott Dittrich Films we offer the same fast friendly service we have provided since 1985, but for an ever expanding list of subjects. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that you get the footage you want when you…
Royalty Free Stock Video Footage
Los Angeles, California
Free, downloadable, royalty free stock footage and visual effects.
Sony Pictures Stock Footage
Culver City, California
Sony Pictures Stock Footage, the stock footage arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is the industry‚Äôs premier provider of 35mm and HD stock footage. Our mission is to provide both practical and unique footage options not found with other stock footage companies. We also offer a premium collection of…
Film & Video Stock Shots, Inc.
North Hollywood, California
Film & Video Stockshots is the premiere stock footage library, and add to our material on a daily basis. Our aim is to provide clients with the highest quality footage available. In addition to broadcast quality videotape original shots, we have excellent, HD, HD-24p, 16mm and 35mm film sources to…
Jesse Stock
San Diego, California
Videographer, Video Editor, PA, certificate in Digital Media and Digital Video
Surf City Stock Footage
Encinitas, California
Types of Footage: 35mm, 16mm and video original footage of surfing, tow-in surfing, big wave surfing, women and girls surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, waves, beaches, Samoa and Mexico.
Jesse Stock
San Diego, California
Im the type of guy that whatever I in-vision I make happen. I have a Digital Media & Digital Video 2 year college certificate.
Austin Stock
Burbank, California
A Director/Editor living in the United States, more specifically California. I have worked on many projects in the last two years, most recently on "Titanic II" for The Asylum. Since then I have been working on music videos for the band PROUD OWL, and will be entering into this year's San Diego…
Global Village Stock Footage
Sebastopol, California
HDcam, High Definition 1080i Production, post Production and stock footage from around the world
Action Sports Stock Footage
Malibu, California
Professional team sports include baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, auto racing (NASCAR & Formula One, Rugby, Gold, tennis, and most every Action Sport in existence. This is all cleared with signed release from players, teams, and sometimes even the spectators. We also do custom…
AM Stock Exchange-Cameo Film Library
North Hollywood, California
Specialty: Contemporary, and some period footage, cities, small towns, wildlife, nature, planes, helicopters, war, cities, disasters, landscapes & military aircraft.
Inter Video
Los Angeles, California
Computer, Video, & HDTV playback 24 - 25 - 30 Frames. Large format Video, HDTV & Computer projection. Computer, Video, & HDTV equipment rentals. Technical Props and Set Dressing rentals.
Producers Library
North Hollywood, California
Founded in 1957, Producers Library is the oldest and largest continuously operating independent stock footage house in the United States. Our footage library contains locations shots from around the world, outtakes from feature films, newsreels, and classic film trailers, with a special focus in…
Research Video
North Hollywood, California
Research Video possesses the entertainment industry's most extensive footage library of music and comedy performances, as well as a broad selection of celebrity interviews, with first and early appearances by many of today's major stars. With a vast collection of videotape and film, the…
eFootage, LLC
Encino, California
eFootage is a premium on-line stock footage company serving digital, hd, archival, vintage, contemporary, dv, film and video, and royalty free markets. We own a very large film library and we are increasingly becoming a well known HD vintage stock footage house. We also present current HD news…
Pan American Video
Eureka, California
Types of Footage: Archival footage from the 1900's to 1970's PAN AMERICAN VIDEO has thousands of hours of vintage and archive shots, all broadcast quality , all public domain. No licensing fees !
Video Tape Library, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
VTL provides footage on every subject imaginable from 1890''s to today. Our latest aquisition, the Sony Video Library, includes over 300 hours of High Definition and is growing daily. VTL will perform free research, offers personal service, and competitive prices. Clients can access on-line our…
Oddball Film + Video
San Francisco, California
Oddball Film+Video is a unique stock footage company specializing in offbeat footage. We have an amazing collection of rare, entertaining, eclectic and eye-opening subjects, as well as classic archival, historical and contemporary clips to support your project. Our images have been used in…
Axiom Images
Toluca Lake, California
Since 2012, Axiom Images has become the ultimate resource for 4k+ aerial stock footage. By producing our own library of aerial videos in thousands of locations, we offer unique and independent content that is available only on our user friendly website. Our footage is rights-managed, tagged, and…
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